Navy rescues 81 migrants from Libya

The Tunisian navy announced on Saturday that it had rescued 81 migrants off the Libyan coast. They were in a makeshift boat in bad condition.

Of the 81 migrants who tried to cross the Mediterranean illegally – 80 men and only one woman – “38 were from Egypt, 32 from Bangladesh, 10 from Sudan and 10 from Morocco,” the Navy said. The damaged boat was intercepted about 6 km off the coast of northeastern Tunisia.

Temporary boats

According to the testimonies of immigrant candidates aged 20 to 38, the boat took off from the village of Abu Kammash in western Libya, very close to the Tunisian border, from the night of May 13 to 14. Age. They were brought back to the port of El Ghdf near Ben Gurdn, not far from the Libyan border, to be monitored by the National Guard.

Hundreds of immigrants, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, reach Tunisia and then cross the Mediterranean, often in makeshift boats, with the aim of reaching Europe.

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Italy is one of the main destinations in Europe for migrants, mainly from Tunisia and Libya from North Africa, with a significant increase in the number of departing countries by 2021.

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