Nakhon Phanom opens a forum for discussion on “Drafting Sura Cheri Law” to create problems or increase opportunities. Who can…

Nakhon Phanom opens a forum for discussion on “Drafting Sura Cheri Law” Creating problems or increasing opportunities, who wins and who loses?

October 16, 2023 at Uthen Pathana School Tha Uthen District, Nakhon Phanom Province, has opened a public forum to ask for comments on the draft. Under the title “Draft of Free Alcohol Law”, the progress of alcohol towards a free alcohol law by 2023 creates problems or increases opportunities. “Who gains and who loses?” involves several network partners, namely networks of government agencies and abstinence organizations. A total of around 60 people, including community brewers, public sector and representatives from various sectors in the area, are participating in a free, local level for the public and various sectors. There is an understanding of alcohol, progressive alcohol and its impact on policy changes.They also learn about the ideas and concerns of various relevant sectors.To identify measures to counter the impact of government policy and listen to public opinion on free alcohol policy.

Mr. Preecha Chaingthong, Tha Uthen District Chairman, divided it into 2 issues. He finds that alcohol in Thailand is still monopolized by only a few players in terms of manufacturing and distribution. Today’s monopoly capital problem needs to be solved. and agrees with progressive liquor laws because they want to expand production to include the community. As for sale, there should be control like time of sale. Places that do not serve alcohol or where alcohol is sold are advertising of alcoholic beverages.

Assistant Professor Dr. Kriengarai Pasuda, Assistant Rector for Student ActivitiesAnd Culture said that Nakhon Phanom University supports the progressive liquor law because it will help uplift the local community. and production standards should be In the case of students, there will be monitoring by the Department of Student Development and additional monitoring of students.

Ms. Oravan Chanlong, representative of Nakhon Phanom Provincial Public Health Office It was revealed that Nakhon Phanom Provincial Public Health Office has a duty to control and reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. He sees it in terms of long-term health effects on people to protect new drinkers and prevent the dangers of consumption. If the Liquor Act is enforced every unit should participate in the control and supervision of adulterous behavior of youth. Ready to control the youth to have more strict discipline and restrictions on alcohol consumption.

However, most people on the discussion forum support the development of alcohol. Because it is an opportunity for common people to do business. By taking the agricultural products of the people in the community and turning them into commodities, creating employment opportunities and generating income for the community. But there must be control and supervision in distribution. and imitative behavior of youth

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Correspondent: Subisara Thekojirapat

Music Composer: Thanyarat Thirahiranwat

Source: NBT Nakhon Phanom

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