Nadeesh Yaya comes out as a couple and answers clearly about their love problems. Revealing the reason for not wearing an engagement ring.

After making fans sad with the news about the couples like Call you Kugimiya And Yaya Orasaya After the man came out to reveal that the wedding had been postponed indefinitely. Including rumors that their relationship is having problems. Many people have noticed that Yaya is slowly distancing herself from Nadak and is no longer wearing her engagement ring.

Today (March 30, 2024) Talk to Yaya Let's come together to open up the swinging dance floor. Celebrate the opening of Central Nakhon Pathom Shopping Mall, the 42nd shopping mall of Central Pattana Public Company Limited, along with joining hands to solve love problems and troubles. Tell me why you don't wear your engagement ring anymore.

Did you talk after the news?
Nadek: We talked (he turned to look at Yaya's face). We talked. There was nothing. I've already had the opportunity to speak.

That day Nadesh apologized to Yaya. Has Yaya seen her yet?
Yaya: I saw it, I saw the headlines but I didn't listen to all of them. We've talked about that. (He turns to look at Nadak and you smile at each other)

Were you shocked by what Be Bear said? Postponed indefinitely?
Yaya: Honestly, that's not a mistake. This is his right. And I certainly didn't have anything upset about it, so I said, okay, I can understand.
NADESH: We know it's a bit of an inappropriate word.
Yaya: Actually, the words are just like that, they make you think away, but that's okay, it's true.
Nadesh: I'm sorry (turns to talk to Yaya. With laughter)
Yaya: Okay.

When the news broke, was Brother Bear shocked?
Nadek: I'm shocked, I'm shocked too. But we had the opportunity to talk.

Yaya understands?
Yaya: Okay, Yaya, okay, because we know that B Bear's media needs aren't exactly what he said, so we understand (he turns to look at Nadek's face and smiles)

Fans shocked?
Nadek: Maybe there is. You may also be shocked. He asked me to be careful with my words later. In fact, I didn't mean to. But it can be understood that we did not make it clear ourselves. Let it be a lesson. Save it to edit later.

But Brother Bear has already said that this person is the one who will be the bride. Are you the mother of your child?
Nadek: Well, if I knew what day it was, I would tell you. Don't worry.

How does Yaya feel? What about Brother Bear who says we are your child's mother?
Yaya: (laughs shyly) Really cute. I secretly feel a little sorry for Brother Bear. I feel like I'm being attacked a little bit. But we already talked.

Before, people cared that both parties have a lot of work to do and don't have enough time to see each other?
Nadek: It may also be the case, in fact, people may not see us together on media channels very often. Because I have a lot of work. He often goes to other provinces and has less time to do things with him. People may think this or that.

Do you call it rotating because before this you flew a lot?
Yaya: At the moment, Yaya only has one project. But last year there were 5 dramas, and now Brother Bear has to do several dramas at the same time. Oh so cool. So I was there to offer encouragement. I definitely offer support because I'm tired.

How does Yaya support you?
Yaya: As much as possible as I said in many interviews, our relationship is much more than that. Being a counselor helps as much as you can.

Being a woman do we have feelings for Brother Bear?
Nadek: I don't think it matters at all (laughs).
Yaya: No seriously if we withdraw our feelings and then try to enter into it. Ya thinks he did his best. Because humans are humans. Being superhuman can't take care of everyone all the time. Which Yaya understands a lot. Who works a lot? The person next to me people are working hard, don't forget to support them. Because my mind is about to explode.

Brother Bear, is he happy to listen to this?
Nadek: I'm happy. He always said that when we were together, he said he was proud. He will ask for support all the time. He knows we are so tired. He has already passed this point.

Yaya once said maintaining love should not make the other person feel like they are dead. What did Brother Bear do to make Yaya feel like she didn't belong?
Nadak: You have to be diligent. Care about each other's feelings. Let's talk about something. I think it's the way we talked or are they fighting? Every couple has problems. But clarifying things like friends is what helps reduce our pride. We try to adjust everything so that we understand each other. In each person's reasons

Do we often go through adjustments as a couple?
Nadek: Not very often.
Yaya: Simply put, half of Yaya's life is your club, so we're very close to each other more often than not. There is no need to adjust anything.

Just by looking into each other's eyes, do you know each other?
Yaya: Just breathe next to me. We all know each other. What is the mood like?

What should Yaya do so that she doesn't feel dead?
Yaya: Him? (points to your club then pretends to think)
Nadek: I don't think we have a problem here. Feeling like someone has died, if we still understand each other, we still know what each other wants. There is certainly no such thing as death.
Yaya: For Yaya, the most important thing is that we are a team. If we still remember that we are a team it would have been impossible to believe that we were dead. We are always thinking about how our partners are performing.

About the wedding that is said to be next year should be next year, right?
Nadesh: We have been talking about this since last year and we expect it to be next year. But everything has been postponed, and now we have a lot of work ahead. So the day was postponed. It's not that it's not important. We talked about whether we had a job.

Whether we are under pressure or not, every time we meet, we are always followed. When is the right time and how?
Nadek: There is no need to pressure because in the end it is both of us who will choose when and how, and I understand that because we have already asked him. And then the journalist's question: When will you get married? When will you have children? It's a step.

Are you definitely getting married next year?
Yaya: If there's a day when there's progress, I'll let you know.

A lot of people noticed that Yaya doesn't wear the ring anymore?
Yaya: It's very difficult because I have to work. (makes a sad face)
Nadesh: So, when people walk and hold hands, (are you afraid of being pulled over?)
Yaya: I don't want to get into this habit. (He makes a gesture with his arms crossed)
Nadek: Because even when he was outside, he kept coming back. I clenched my hands the whole time because I was worried.

Does Nadech need to buy 5 more small teams?
Nadak: Yes.

Don't you have a brain there?
Nadak: Yes.

Can fans stop worrying about the ring?
NADESH: When he doesn't wear it, we talk about not wearing it anymore. What drama will there be next? Take it easy, take it easy. We work a lot. Where it is stored is also a concern.

In the meantime, let's save other people's opinions on weddings first?
Nadak: Yes.
Yaya: Yes.

What is your message to fans who are concerned?
Nadak: To everyone who encouraged me. For now, don't forget to watch the drama until we fall in love. There will be another movie soon.

Yaya: Yaya supports Brother Bear. (He turns to look at her and smiles sweetly) Don't worry, we always have each other's backs (laughs).
Nadesh: Thank you for encouraging us both, watch dramas and watch our works. And you can come see us at the event.

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