My father is my grandfather! Jewish, Jenny’s husband could have it all if he was new. Hot post! After provoking netizens because he ate his wife! |

It can be said that they are a very warm family and couple. For the young singer’s husband, Jenny Ratchanok, and her husband, U Chatmongkul, who have a gold chain around their heart, is their adorable daughter, Nong Yu Jin, who has overcome many obstacles together and many times the couple has faced dramatic stories. able to pass. But there are times when I can’t stand it, to the point of posting to vent on social media.

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The Jew spoke for a long time and said that patience has limits!

He previously went out and posted a long poem on his personal Facebook page, saying: “Many times when we… became the villain in many stories” just because we don’t like to explain. “Since I’ve been dating Jane, I’ve seen a lot of people try to make Jane look bad. “They make me look bad because I want to attract society’s attention and pity, but no one ever spoke out about their bad deeds. I was always impatient because I thought that one day these people would find out, but they didn’t.” R. The quieter it is, the more it hits!

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Being patient doesn’t mean you won’t lose your patience. Everyone’s patience has limits. I have often been subjected to slander from many people, exploitation, and gossip. I have become the culprit in many things, and I have become a scapegoat for sins I did not commit, and today I have reached my limit. Let’s just tell the truth. Soon Jane will speak. Because this time is really hard, I feel sorry for my child, I feel sorry for my wife, I feel so sorry for myself.

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A Jew responds calmly after being harassed and clings to his wife to eat!

Recently, a Jew came out to reveal his feelings about the matter that made him feel very uncomfortable, especially regarding what was said to be eating his wife. A Jew also came out to confront the news and criticized netizens. “Selling tea and soap for a million baht a day is not enough to cover my expenses. They say I have to stick to my wife to eat all day. I only see Jane working alone. Jews don’t do any work… #YesYou Can Support My Tea. I will,” the technician said. Get smarter She also posted a photo of last night’s sales under the comments, with a total of more than 900,000 baht, accompanied by the message: Last night, less than a million I was sad and cried all night, and I no longer had any money to eat, and at this time my wife Jenny also came to comment Saying that you are very talented, my dear. The Jewish side replied that no more than 3 years, a billion for sure.

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