MultiVersus Open Beta Patch Nerfs Taz, Batman and Iron Giant

Taz's character has been snatched from Looney Tunes by someone offscreen.

screenshot: WB Games / Kotaku

MultiVersusWB Games replied to Super Smash Bros.I entered the open beta earlier today with a new playable character in Realistic Basketball Player LeBron James And the A set of balance changes.

while the MultiVersus The update focuses on several characters, the most important modifications of which have been saved Looney Tunes rep tasmanian demon (or taz for short). Taz has been a force to be reckoned with during the closed beta, with some Comparison Its tornado utility for similar tools made Kirby The villain Meta Knight was very dominant in the days Super Smash Bros duel.

“Our plan is to move Tornado into a slowdown in the next patch,” the patch notes. “Hurricane is Taz’s signature move, so we want to keep it as one of his strongest attacks, with the cooldown making more deliberate use of it. These contractions will reduce Taz’s power, especially at higher levels of play, so expect some strong moves for the other moves in his group. In the near future “.

WB . Games

Meanwhile, Taz’s Tornado received a slight decrease in damage as well as a decrease in duration and injuries.

Other changes in today’s update include an increase in the cooldown on the special Batman Batarang, and several bug fixes for Iron Giant (Please remove it completely), lose weight for Scooby Doo Detective Velma Dinkley. Velma is another character that is considered as well Among the best in MultiVersusso you are likely to see more substantial changes in the future.

Here is a full detail of MultiVersus revision:


  • Neutral Air/Ground Attack: The cooldown on Batarang has been increased from 13 to 14 seconds. Batarang’s capture returns to 11.55 seconds from 11.05. This means that the minimum time between Batarang throws is 2.45 seconds from 1.95 seconds.
  • The slowdown of the Batman Batarang pick-up created very small windows where the Batarang was not playing. This change should make Batman’s opponents have a larger window between Batarang attacks to gain an advantage.
  • Bug fix: Air/Ground side specific: Fixed a bug where Grapple would sometimes shoot you away from the map.

rabbit flea

  • air attack: The startup window has increased by 2 windows, and the active window has decreased by 2 windows
  • He made it a hit box so that Bugs Bunny hit almost everything around him. This should make the air more reasonable to handle.

iron giant

  • Bug fix: air attack: Can no longer combo in the same
  • Bug fix: air/ground down special: He can no longer hit opponents and repeatedly lock them in place forever
  • Bug fix: Air Attack: He can no longer hit opponents repeatedly

steven universe

  • Neutral attack: Kicks opponents out and away to prevent an infinite attack caused by alternating air attack and neutral attack.


  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that prevented Taz from making any air attacks once he reached his air limit.
  • Air/ground side special: If you’ve been following Early Access, Taz’s Tornado has been dominating its character set and offering a subtle knowledge check for new players. By reducing its effectiveness, we hope to improve the correctness and repetition of his gameplay and bring the game to a healthier state for new players.
  • Decrease in Hurricane Duration and Extra Duration gained by passing an ally.
  • Remove one of the multiple strikes of a hurricane.
  • Reduce strike stops for all strikes in a hurricane.
  • The final blow in the hurricane was reduced from 1375 to 1275.
  • For now, our plan is to move Tornado into a slowdown in an upcoming correction. Tornado is Taz’s signature move, so we want to keep it as one of his most powerful attacks, calming dictates intentional use. These contractions will reduce Taz’s power, especially at higher levels of play, so expect some strong moves for the other moves in his group in the near future. We thank you for your patience and we will continue to evaluate the performance of Taz.


  • Weight: reduced from 70 to 63
  • It was an oversight on our part that Velma is one of the heaviest characters in the game. This change should make it more in line with the place we originally envisioned.

MultiVersus Currently in open beta on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Epic Games Store.

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