Morning indicator trends fluctuate. Pressure from global market Investors await follow-up personal consumption expenditures numbers tonight by InfoQuest.

© Reuters (Additional) Thai stock market situation: Morning index trends fluctuate. Pressure from the global market and investors are waiting to follow the personal consumption expenditures numbers tonight.

InfoQuest – Mr Apishart Phobangirdkul, Senior Director, CISA Strategic Analysis Department, TISCO Securities, said the trend of the Thai stock market is expected to be volatile this morning. Under the pressure of the global stock market atmosphere, which mostly declined. Investors were cautious ahead of today's release of the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index, a measure of inflation that the Federal Reserve uses to guide monetary policy interest rates.

In addition, follow reports on the Thai economic and financial situation. From the Bank of Thailand (BoT) and

US jobless claims count today and China's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) release tomorrow (March 1), while results for most listed companies are mixed. With worse-than-expected stocks like EGCO and better-than-expected stocks BEM, including today, you may have to be careful adjusting your portfolio according to MSCI Rebalance.

Today's investment strategy recommends stocks with good performance and a continuing good trend this year: BEM, PR9.

With a support frame of 1,370-1,375 points and a resistance level of 1,390 points.

Investment consideration issues

– New York Stock Exchange (February 28) The New York Stock Exchange's DJIA index closed at 38,949.02, down 23.39 points or -0.06%, and the S&P 500 New York Stock Exchange index closed at 5,069.76 points, down 8.42 points or -0.17%. The New York Stock Exchange index closed at 15,947.74 points, down 87.56 points, or -0.55%.

– Asian stock markets are open today. The Hang Seng Index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange opened the morning session at 16,429.57 points, down 107.28 points, or -0.65%, and the Shanghai Composite Index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange opened the morning session at 2,943.62 points, down 14.23 points, or -0.48%. percent, while the Nikkei index opened the market at 38,935.53 points, down 272.5 points, or -0.70%.

– The Thai stock market closed recently (February 28) at 1,382.05 points, down 11.65 points (-0.84%), with a trading value of 55,250.06 million baht.

– Foreign investors bought a net amount of 742.96 million baht (February 28)

– WTI crude oil was delivered in April. The price of oil fell by 33 cents, or 0.42%, to close at $78.54 per barrel.

– The benchmark refining margin for the Singapore market at the last close (February 28) was $7.19 per barrel.

– The baht opened at 35.97, and is likely to swing sideways in the 35.90-36.10 range, awaiting follow-up US economic data.

– “SCBX” invests 31 billion baht to acquire 100% of Home Credit Vietnam business from Home Credit Group to penetrate retail lending in Vietnam. Promoting goals at the regional level Be prepared to be confident that you will make a profit immediately after completing the deal. It is also a way to distribute income and support strong growth.

– The Ministry of Finance reveals the improvement of the Thai economy in January 2024. Thanks to benefiting from the entry of more than 3 million tourists into Thailand, exports recorded a growth of 10% compared to the same period last year. Economic stability remains good. Public debt still represents only 61.3% of GDP, but private investment has slowed. Car and construction sales declined. In contrast to the industrial confidence index. It rose to 90.6 from 88.8 the previous month.

– “Seththa” announces the aviation center plan on March 1, and AOT will work on 4 issues to reduce passenger congestion. TAT organizes push workshop to become swinging tourism hub of 'Bhomtham'. The “Freen-Becky” couple in the Yuri series helps the products of Thai society flourish. Expanding soft power to the global level and the government disbursed 38 billion baht.

The Ministry of Public Health warns that Thailand will enter the summer season. The weather this year is hotter than last year. Concerned about the risk of heat stroke, which could be dangerous and even fatal. Avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time. For those who work outdoors, move into the shade periodically. Suggested prevention methods Monitor symptoms and provide first aid Meanwhile, the Thailand weather forecast page predicts that temperatures over the next seven days, from February 29 to March 6, will be hotter than 35 degrees Celsius with many areas across the country in the red. .

Top stocks today

– TIDLOR (Finansia) recommends “Buy” with a target price of 27 baht. 4Q23 net profit was 901 billion baht, -10% QoQ but +10% YoY, close to expectations, weighed down by strong reserves. But this was partially offset by strong growth in fee income. The good point is the asset quality has continued to develop positively, with the NPL ratio recently falling to 1.47%, which is lower than we expected and down from 1.54% in Q3 2023.

The 2024-2025 forecast has been revised slightly to reflect management's guidance, and net profit in 2024-2026 is expected to continue to grow significantly, at a CAGR of +20%.

The support level is 22.80-22.20 baht and the resistance level is 23.40-23.50 and 24 baht.

– ICHI (Dao) recommends buying with a strategic target of 19.00 baht based on the summer weather forecast this year. The weather is expected to be very hot and faster than last year. Which will be good for beverage stocks as there will be higher sales (peak season) and Ichi will benefit from that.

Continued Growth in Consumption of Ready-to-Drink Tea Beverages The ready-to-drink tea beverage market in Thailand has grown at +8.6% CAGR from 2022 to 2027 due to the trend towards being healthier.

Estimated earnings for 2024 are 1,240 million baht (+13% y/y) from increased domestic consumption. From warm weather and increased production capacity by the end of 2024

– PSL (Liberator) recommends Buy with a target price of 11.10 baht, and the February Shipping Price Index rose strongly. Supported by restocking of products after Chinese New Year. And expectations about the overall Chinese economy, which should gradually recover. Which sends a positive image for the shipping business

This morning the shipping index rose 7.5% to 2041 points, the highest level in almost two months.

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