More than 20 people were killed when a bus and a truck collided in Guinea


GuineaMore than 20 people were killed in an accident between a bus and a truck

A bus crashes into a truck while trying to overtake in Guinea. The more than 20 victims include many students.

In Guinea, fatal traffic accidents are usually caused by the poor condition of roads and vehicles and the carelessness of drivers.


At least 21 people were killed in a collision between a bus and a truck carrying schoolchildren and students in West Guinea on Sunday. The accident happened at Hamdalaya near Kintia, 130 km east of the capital Conakry. The bus left for Farana in the southwest, an area with many schools and universities. Local Elected Official, Cabinet Secretary. “So far, 21 people, including five women, have died and many others have been injured. Students and students are the most affected by this accident,” said the selected official.

This information was confirmed by gendarmerie officer Lieutenant Fouli Souma, who spoke of “unidentified bodies”. A resident of Hamdallaye, Mohamed Camara, contacted by AFP from Conakry, said “24 people died” after triggering “a huge toll”.

Kanditath Kake said the bus collided with the truck when it tried to pass another bus. The lift of the truck is not mentioned.

Regular fatal accidents

In Guinea, in mid-September, fifteen people were killed when a minibus crashed at night. Fatal road accidents occur regularly in the country and are usually due to poor road and vehicle conditions and careless drivers. By early June, many of these accidents had resulted in at least 30 deaths.


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