Ministry of Public Health Announces Policy for 2024-2025 Restructuring of “District Hospitals” “Somsak” across the country

Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi Province, Minister of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health), Shri. Somchak Thepsudin officially presented the Ministry of Public Health 2024 – 2025 for the first time after assuming office, along with Deputy Vice President Shanti Brombhat. Minister of Public Health Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Health and executives from central and regional regions join the drive both onsite and online.Ministry of Public Health policy 5+5 Accelerates Further Growth Accelerate to see concrete results in 5 areas with key principles that include:

Ministry of Public Health's 5 Principles to Accelerate Growth

1. Raise the level to 30 baht and treat everywhere with an ID card. Moving forward to incorporate information including medical history across the country. Providing therapeutic services through Financial Data Hub (FDH) system, emphasizing blood collection services close to home. Make an appointment online Drug delivery service through Health Rider and by post to reduce congestion and waiting, including using the Thailand Health Atlas to reach vulnerable groups in the community.

2. Address the drug problem in an integrated manner Review ministerial regulations and determine the amount of drugs deemed to be held for use. Bring back medical marijuana. Including raising the level of treatment and rehabilitation for drug addicts and mini addicts.

3.Primary Medicine Go ahead with the Grama Sanhith Volunteers (Village Health Volunteers) Act and the issuance of Smart Village Health Volunteers, consolidate the work of shifting Sub-District Health Promotion Hospitals (Sub-District Health Promotion Hospitals) and utilize local health funds using Sub-District Health Fund Public Health Work and Tuberculosis and Dengue Fever Proactive control and prevention.

4. Health Economics Important target industries pushed into the global market, industrial policies, emphasis on strengthening the ecosystem to improve economic health, raise the level of mastery/permit request, e-service, high value medical center (Medical Center and Advance Therapy Medical Product : ATMPs) raise the standard of Thai traditional medicine. . Create herbal products jobs, create industries and establish a specialized agency to run the work of health economy.

5. Increase access to health services Border health and specific areas, including the establishment of Bangkok 50 hospitals, 50 districts, hospitals and surrounding areas Renovate community or district hospitals across the country. Has a seamless forwarding system. and stroke mobile cars

5 principles of the Ministry of Public Health will continue

In addition to the 5 Accelerated Principles, there are 5 other principles which include:

1. Royal Initiative Programme/Celebration of His Majesty the King There are 4 projects related to the royal family namely the project to bring doctors to the people, the Royal Bansuk project and the Somtej Pra Upparat hospital development project. Salom Fragyat Somdet Phra Kanitathiratsao Hospital Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Sakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Sakri Sirindhorn Sayapat Hospital and 72 primary service units and monk health care program.

2. Building morale and motivation of employees Emphasis on communication and building employee relationships. Improving the housing of patients and relatives of public health workers, reducing their workload and debt burden. And since February, the Ministry of Public Health has been abolished

3. Improving physical and mental health Invite people to exercise every Monday. ,Increase access to psychiatrists and psychologists closer to home. / Establishment of telepsychiatry (telemedicine), integrated mental health and drug care unit and establishment of fund for treatment of mental illness and drug addiction patients.

4. Life Care Center Creation of caregivers to care for bedridden and critically ill patients at home (home ward/hospital at home) and establishment of Shivabipal Wards in every district across the country.

5. Everyone is safe. Development of digital system for disease surveillance and prevention Public health emergency management in all dimensions Development of comprehensive emergency medical services for critically ill patients (UCEP) and establishment of tourism protection fund.

“The Ministry of Public Health Policy 2024 – 2025 also emphasizes the importance of universal access to public health and public health services. Focus on strengthening the foundations of an equitable and efficient public health system. “Using digital technology to build systems for primary care and improve the economy with health,” said Mr. Somchak said.

Invest in additional equipment for village health volunteers.

Mr. Somchak also said the sameThe policy raises 30 baht for treatment everywhere with an ID card Afraid of not having enough money, the government offered 140 billion baht, but said they would accept an unlimited number of patients. Meanwhile, the total per capita budget for national health insurance, or 30 baht, is about 3,600 baht per person per year. Don't exceed the money allocation to help reduce the number of visits to the medical staff.

By supporting village health volunteers. At present, about 1.07 million people are divided into workers and 3-5 Village Health Volunteers in each village covering about 30-50 families, the Village Health Volunteers Act should be framed. Bring Village Health Volunteers to Work Buy kits for Village Health Volunteers to put in a bag. There are about 300,000 baht across the country, like pressure monitoring equipment, and if you invest 1,000 baht each, that's 3,000 million baht for the hospital or not.

Invest to increase the value of border hospitals that accept foreign patients.

For health economic policy Medical service center related medical center should be seen in tourist city Health Economics and Health Insurance Division should be coordinated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Commerce In collecting service fee from health insurance of foreign tourists, you can also see border. If you have the budget, invest in border hospitals to make them more valuable. Assists patients from neighboring countries who seek treatment in Thailand.

Leave a policy to the Ministry of Public Health to provide morale to those who have children.

If the Ministry of Public Health uses a policy to provide morale to new families, Deputy Minister of Public Health Mr. Shanti Prompt said. Or a woman of childbearing age assures him. If you make sacrifices to have a legitimate child, the government helps take care of it through the Ministry of Public Health. By meeting people in rural areas and Bangkok on issues such as raising and having children to achieve sustainability. We hear requests from new families and women of childbearing age: Don't dare to have children even if you want to when starting a family. The fear of not being able to raise children effectively is causing a serious birth problem in the country.

“To the Ministry of Public Health regarding Childbirth Policy. By providing moral support to new families and women of reproductive age, including creating adequate medical personnel for the population across the country,” Mr. Shanti said.

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