Mike Fatharadit publishes an introduction about his girlfriend! Om Patcharappa gives encouragement and love Got a little dramatic!?! | Madam mouth

It’s called A Journey with a Star Heroine’s Best Friend. Om Pacharappa Plus everyone joining the ride turns on hot mode. Together we shoot amazing shots amid the beauty of the Maldives Sea.

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But recently it has caused a lot of comments. When the young hero Mike Patradit Open the photo frame together for a moment. Om Pacharappa With caption:“Introducing my girlfriend, please support our love. (cheeky face emoji)”

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This event caused a lot of comments especially.Booklock Phonthep He came to watch and teased Mike, saying “So cute! @mike_pattaradet @aum_patchrapa I would love to take a picture with you like this, hehe.” Where Mike went on to respond to the comment asking for help, saying,“@pooklook_fonthip you take more photos than me😆😆”

Many people teased Mike. For example, the brave butler, Happy Birthday to Bum, shouting….Nong Maek, Bum….Very nice, let Rin get some rest, Bim Maek, can you take care of her? This person, they were teasing each other, they were siblings, and no one got hurt by anything. Don’t think too much, think too much, P., fake A, real, etc.

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But a little drama arose. When many people were dissatisfied, Mike came to comment again and again. For example, I clenched my fist. “If you play anything, you will miss women’s hearts. Playing like this has no good results for anyone. After all, Bom herself is looked down upon. Maybe I don’t like this. They are very close to each other, and they are good at using the word ‘girlfriend’.” With others in public. But when I use the words boxlock and girlfriend in media, it’s very difficult, I feel sorry for boxlock, and other people are playing nice things. With very few real fans on social media. Go and find out for yourself, If you’re manly enough, etc.

But anyway, we’ll have to wait to hear it from their mouths again. Don’t go commenting on anything that is not good yet. Because most fans already know that this gang is very close to each other.

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