Michelle Obama’s Viola Davis Look Is Laughed Online After Premieres Of New Showtime Series

which is long overdue Viola Davis Portal of former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama. There were some who didn’t think Davis could quit the role because some thought the two didn’t look alike. But after the images of the new Showtime project appeared, this gossip subsided. The series, which premiered on Sunday, April 17, is watched by millions of viewers. And while no one complained about Davis’ well-known stellar acting skills, it was the facial property that caught fire on social media.

Series the first lady It tells of Michelle’s dedication and work behind the scenes as her husband, Barack, became the first black president in US history. The irony is due to Davis’ apparent character choice, with many questioning why Davis chases her lips so many times in the first episode. Michelle is known for doing this, but some argue that Davis is overdoing it.

Regardless, Davis has been vocal about how seriously she takes this particular project. She has stated, “You don’t want to insult them by photographing you…As much as we feel we know Michelle Obama – and I’ve done everything I can to research – there are those special moments where there is a certain level of creative decision -making what you have to put up with…there are details Small I can only get on creative license and I hope I don’t offend her with it. That’s what you have to navigate as an artist.” Michelle also gave her consent. But not many social media users are happy.

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What will Michelle do?

Michelle Davis gave her stamp of approval for the project. Many have been waiting to see what her final thoughts are since the series went live.

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Davis or Stevie J?

One user compared Viola’s impersonation to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Actor Stevie J. Stevie is best known for his famous work “Rat Face”.

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spread it

With the many complaints David received, you’d think she was doing her lips in every scene. But this user says she did it a lot.

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nailed it

While others complain, this Twitter user congratulates Davis on learning about Michelle’s characteristics. They gave Dvis kudos.

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do it a lot

One Twitter user doesn’t deny that Michelle hasn’t kept her lips. Instead, they feel like Davis does it too often.


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