Michael Yoon: Raging against the government, he didn’t mince his words

A negotiating session took place this Sunday in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, and according to Le Soir, politicians around the world must vote to create a fund to finance the “losses and damages” caused by climate change.

According to the New York Times, “the damage caused by global warming” was highlighted, but there was no discussion of “addressing the greenhouse gas emissions that underlie the crisis.”

Michael Yoon was particularly critical of the convention on social media.

On Instagram, the comedian wrote, “#COP27: 800 jets fly to Egypt to tell us to go to work.”

Netizens were also annoyed by the convention.

“In the middle of #COP27, the PM would have taken a private jet to #Marseille to sign the protocol on environmental planning. It wouldn’t have told the story if he wore a turtleneck to the flight,” wrote LFI MP Manuel Bombard.

We can also read: “Participants at COP 27, those who want to impose carbon emissions on us, control our movements, eat insects, synthetic meats, travel on private jets, Angus beef, fruit from the sea … with air conditioning on full blast!” Or “They didn’t go to COP27 in a hot air balloon, but in private jets to explain to you that you should travel in electric cars.”

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