Melissa Villasinor, Alex Moffat and Aristotle Archie

season of change.

“Saturday Night Live” stars Melissa Villasenor, Alex Moffat and Aristotle Atari will not be returning to the Late Night Show this fall, but According to multiple ports.

Villaseñor and Moffat both joined the NBC show in 2016 before being promoted to the main cast two years later.

Villasinor is best known for her roles as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Lady Gaga while Moffat has played several members of the Trump family.

The "Saturday Night Live" ejaculate.
Melissa Villasinor, Alex Moffat and Aristotle Athari bid farewell to “Saturday Night Live”.
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Athari, on the other hand, joined the cast as a featured comedian last year before announcing his quick exit.

This news comes just two months after Pete Davidson, Eddie Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Kyle Money said goodbye During the season 47 finale.

Melissa Villasinor and Alex Moffat.
Villaseñor and Moffat have been on the show for nearly six years.
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McKinnon, 38 years old recently opened About her decision to leave the show after a decade.

“All I wanted to do my whole life was Saturday Night Live,” she said during an episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan.

“So, I did it, I loved it, I had the best contract, and then I was like, ‘My body was tired and I felt like it was time.'”

Archaeological Aristotle
Athari spent a short time in the comedy show.
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The “Ghostbusters” star joined the show in 2012 and now holds the record as the tallest female cast member in the show’s history.

The long list of departures came as no shock to the show’s creator, Lorne Michaels, who said next season would be “a year of change.”

Pete Davidson and Alex Moffat.
Pete Davidson announced his departure from the show in May.
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Former “SNL” stars, like Rob Schneider, were also not surprised by the news.

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Schneider, who appeared on the show from 1990 to 1994, claimed that the reason for the low viewership in recent years was due to the series’ political commentary.

cast "Saturday Night Live."
The cast of SNL will look a lot different this fall.
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Saturday, the 58-year-old Criticize the infamous show after the 2016 election McKinnon performed “Hallelujah” dressed as Hillary Clinton.

The funny guy remembers watching the moment live and “praying” there will be a joke at the end. When he wasn’t there, he remembered saying to himself, “It’s over. It’s over. He’s not coming back.”

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