Melissa says Teresa has reached a ‘delusional high’ and they wonder how they’ll get along

While the sister-in-law continued their feud in the first segment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Melissa claimed, “The whole Teresa story is about ‘Joe Gorga:’ You should thank us for giving you something!”

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reunion season The Real Housewives of New Jersey arrived and Teresa Giudice He wasted no time trying to kick it Melissa Gorga from the show forever during the first three episodes on Tuesday night.

“You liar!” Teresa called her sister-in-law after Melissa started explaining how to do it Louis “Louis” Ruelas He allegedly wanted to date Alexia Echevarria from The Real Housewives of Miami before Teresa.

“Teresa, you’ve been doing this for years. It’s getting old, honey!” Melissa replies.

“That’s why it’s over after tonight! I can’t wait!” exclaimed Teresa.

“Oh why, where are you going?” Then Melissa asked sarcastically.

Teresa turned the tables (metaphorically, that is) stating plainly, “You’re leaving.”

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“Oh, me? Well, I didn’t know,” Andy, Melissa shrugged, appearing unfazed before the reunion host. Andy Cohen.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how we’ll get along, the two of us,” Teresa finally admitted. Then she concluded, “You’re out of my life after tonight.”

Melissa provided all but one of the words in response to her sister-in-law’s outburst. She said, “Sad.”

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga

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Teresa and Melissa spent most of their time at the reunion tossing insults back and forth, to the point where even Dolores Catania seen enough.

“This story is very old,” she said softly to Danielle Cabral, who replied that she was ready to go to Shake Shack.

Dolores was even able to help Danielle and Rachel Fuda agree to a naming “truce” after their “stupid” argument over… Margaret Joseph Information “arsenal”.

Then, after a brief discussion of the state of Danielle’s relationship with her brother (they hadn’t spoken yet, but she was due to see him the day after the reunion at her grandmother’s funeral) the topic of “forgiving” and “forgetting” arose.

Andrew Eccles/Bravo

Andrew Eccles/Bravo

Teresa was the first to claim to do just that.

“You forgive and forget? Oh my God, we’re at the highest level of delusion,” exasperated Melissa said.

Teresa then called Melissa’s general goodwill toward Danielle a “story,” before later claiming that “the reason [Melissa told Antonia not to let anything affect her relationship with her aunt Teresa] Are we filming a TV show?”

Teresa spat on Melissa “your whole story was me” after she wondered in the first place how her sister-in-law managed to get on the show.

“Your whole story is about your brother in every scene!” Melissa replied. “You should be thanking us for giving you something!”

Andy nodded in agreement. Now on the defensive, Teresa begins listing all the things she’s done during the show, including going to jail.

“Oh, you went to jail, we’re so proud of you,” Melissa joked.

Jeff Kravitz/Getty for MTV;  Jeff Kravitz/Getty for MTV

Jeff Kravitz/Getty for MTV; Jeff Kravitz/Getty for MTV

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Theresa then tried to say that Melissa was friends with her former business partner Joe Giudice on another search for her sister-in-law, which Melissa denied.

This is like [you saying] Caroline Manzo put you in jail,Melissa said of the former New Jersey housewife.

“No, I took it back, I think you did!” Teresa yelled at Melissa.

But Melissa wasn’t the only one Teresa came out for during the reunion.

Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty, Theo Wargo/Getty

Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty, Theo Wargo/Getty

After remembering how happy she was for Theresa at her wedding, Margaret reveals what has changed.

“To watch the season finale and find out all that was going on behind my back?” she said to Teresa.

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“I have nothing to do with any of that,” Teresa said.

“I am shocked and disgusted,” Margaret continued. He gets her point home by telling that Louie hired Bo Dietl to gather information on all the women. “I care about private detectives.”

Andy puts this topic on hold until later – when Louie is set to join the reunion – though Theresa still manages to get a zinger.

“You and your Tre are two torsos,” Margaret said lightly, referring to Teresa’s loyal fans.

“Tree stump? Look what it looks like,” Teresa spat.

Margaret rolled her eyes. “I don’t call you a ‘tree stump,’” she corrected, gesturing with her hand above her head because Teresa totally missed the point.

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The second part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey The reunion will air Tuesday, June 6 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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