Meghan Markle latest news – Prince Harry and the Duchess receive prestigious award as Duke honors the people of Ukraine

Harry’s diet changes may ‘indicate Meghan’s impact’

Behavioral expert Darren Stanton analyzed the royal family’s favorite food choices on behalf of UK Retailer Coffee Friendand reveals what their tastes suggest about their various personality traits, from Kate Middleton’s “related” delicacies to Prince Harry’s love of “nostalgia” Sunday roast.

He also commented on Harry’s decision to give up his love of junk foods for healthier alternatives now that he lives in Los Angeles, saying: “Harry’s change in diet could be indicative of Meghan’s impact on their relationship to be more adventurous.”

“In recent years, Harry has reportedly given up fast food, including pizza, and is now embracing the California lifestyle by eating healthy foods, like lots of fruit, and sipping green juices…

“Harry’s change in diet could be indicative of Meghan’s influence in their relationship to be more adventurous. Despite moving to the States, Harry still craves a touch of tradition and is said to love the Sunday roast, where he cooks with him.” And Meghan often roasts chicken. A typical British dish, not only is a reflection of his connection to the home he still holds dear, suggesting he misses parts of his life in the UK, but also how Harry chases away feelings of nostalgia as well.”

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