Media – Diana Interview: The BBC pays compensation to its former private secretary


On Thursday, the British channel announced that the BBC had offered a large sum of money to a former collaborator of Lady D, whose 1995 interview had a bomb effect.

In November 1995, the British media talked a lot about an interview with Lady de BBC.

In November 1995, the British media talked a lot about an interview with Lady de BBC.

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The BBC On Thursday it was announced that Lady Dee had paid “significant sums” to pay compensation to former private secretary Patrick Jebson, who resigned after a convincing interview with Diana over deceptive methods. Broadcast on the Panorama show in 1995 in front of 23 million people, the interview of the princess who admitted that Diana had a promiscuous relationship had the effect of a bomb.

Patrick Jebson, who spent eight years as private secretary and adviser to the Princess between 1988 and 1996, resigned two months after the controversial show aired, citing Charles’ relationship with Camila Parker Bowles, who said Diana was “three people” in his marriage.

“The BBC acknowledges and acknowledges that General Jebson was severely harmed in the 1995 interview with Princess Diana of Wales,” the British broadcaster said in a statement to AFP.

‘Unworthy apology’

The BBC has issued a “non-reserved apology” to Lady Dee’s former private secretary, claiming she paid her legal bills. “We have paid him a substantial sum of money, which he wishes to donate in full to British charities of his choice,” the group added.

“For more than 25 years, it has been reassuring to finally come to an end to this painful episode,” Patrick Jebson told PA News Agency. He said he was donating to a children’s hospital in Wales that was hosted by Princess Diana of Wales. BBC correspondent Martin Bashir has been accused of falsifying documents to obtain this interview, which has boosted his life.

Cheating methods

Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, was shown false accounting statements to convince the security forces to pay two people to the court to spy on her sister. According to Charles Spencer, this is what prompted Lady Dick to introduce the journalist.

In an independent report released in May 2021, former Supreme Court Judge John Tyson pointed out the wrongdoings of Martin Bashir and slammed the BBC for handling the case.

After this interview, Martin Bashir continued his career in the United States until his resignation last May, before returning to the UK to work for the BBC. Patrick Jephson is currently consulting on Netflix’s hit series The Crown.


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