MCA enters the trade on the first day, delivers good news and organizes a big surprise. Close a great deal

Market Connections Asia Public Company Limited “MCA” has a good day’s trading on the first day, flagging good news, announcing the closing of a deal to win a major event worth more than 80 million baht, ready to cash in the wallet immediately. . CEO “Phakdee Lao Ngam” is ready to walk. Expand the distributor’s new business as planned, hoping to create a new S-curve for future business growth. Ready to declare standing number one Leader in organizing marketing promotion activities in the form of a marketing agency that meets every solution in organizing marketing activities, premier one-stop service in SET.

Mr. Pakdee Lao-Ngam, Chief Executive Officer Markets firm Connections Asia Public Company Limited or “MCA” has today (26 October 2023) listed MCA shares for trading on the Market for Alternative Investments (MAI) on the first day in the service business segment (Service). The IPO of 60 million shares at a price of 3.30 baht per share is considered an important step that will help the company’s stable and sustainable growth in the future. Directing the organization as a leader in strategic marketing planning and delivery of comprehensive marketing promotion activities. Using digital innovation to increase job efficiency From upstream – downstream, MCA is believed to be the fastest growing trend in Thailand’s stock market after this. A clear investment expansion plan will increase the opportunity to expand, especially in new business. Under the distributor service model, this will create a new S-curve for business growth in the future. Diversification in all types of services for the needs of all channels, organizing marketing promotion activities to meet customer needs in every dimension which also creates a strong capital base. To increase the capacity to support large jobs.

Recently, the company managed to close a deal to attract another new customer with a contract period of 1 year with a value of more than 80 million baht. It is considered the first large-scale project after IPO financing. An important step is the possibility of expanding MCA’s service level. In the 4th quarter of 2023, the Company will begin recognizing revenue from such contracts in a phased manner based on the above factors. Reflects commitment to developing business services and various types of marketing activities. Raising the company to fully respond to customer marketing strategies and generate sustainable growth and generate good returns for investors.

As for the operating performance trend for the 3rd quarter of 2023, the company expects to continue to grow from the same period last year. This is a result of economic recovery and the return of purchasing power of consumers to normal. As a result, entrepreneurs have returned to organizing activities to improve marketing as before. In the 4th quarter of 2023, in addition to the larger project of 80 million baht as mentioned above, the company expects to benefit positively from streamlining MCA operations, including income from new businesses supported by distributors. Boost marketing during the New Year festival and make the whole industry lively again.

As for the money raised from the 198 million baht fundraising, the company is preparing to use it to expand and expand the scale of new jobs in addition to 4 main groups: 1. Marketing and digital operation system services 2. Product packing and delivery services 3. Product recommendation service 4. Product sorting service and Expanding the business of providing new services, i.e. product distributors (distributors) to meet the needs of customers in every dimension. This strengthens our position as a leader in providing marketing promotion activities in the form of a marketing agency that meets every solution in planning marketing strategies.

Managing Director of Capital One Partners Company Limited Mr. Ekajak Buahapakdee, a financial advisor, revealed that MCA shares are much better than other operators in the industry. Because it offers strategic marketing planning services and marketing promotion activities in the form of one-stop service marketing, it reflects the attractiveness of investing in MCA shares because MCA’s business is in continuous growth. This is a result of economic recovery and commercial operators’ plans to stimulate sales. It is still necessary to organize additional marketing activities to stimulate sales every quarter. Hence, from the above factors, MCA stock is considered a growth stock that is worth watching and a good quality stock. Another for investors in the Thai capital market.

Kittipan Busanavan, Senior Managing Director, Mr. Globelex Securities, as the underwriter and underwriter of the newly issued ordinary shares, MCA has an excellent business model as MCA offers strategic marketing programs. and organizing marketing promotion activities with a one-stop service marketing solution that is fully responsive to the needs of customer groups. Under the umbrella of organizing marketing and digital operations, providing product packing and delivery services, providing product referral staffing services and providing product sorting services and recently expanded to become a product distributor (distributor) which reflects the differentiation in service delivery compared to entrepreneurs in the same industry group, MCA’s With potential and interesting points, after raising funds this time, it will continue to receive good reception from the investor group.

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