Matt Cardona signs a contract for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match, but there’s a catch

Matt Cardona is always ready. He is always ready to complicate things. The NWA arranged a simple contract signing between Cardona and Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship as the main event of the event. Naf said PPV, but Cardona made it difficult.

The contract was signed during the first live episode of NWA Powerer Tuesday night (31 January). This scene begins 31:20 Mark from the show.

Cardona arrived in style with a pastel bodysuit. His companion, Mike Knox, was wearing a dirty coat.

NWA Powerrr

Tyrus was ready and signed the papers immediately without hesitation. Cardona was surrounded and exposed. He brought up how it is Give up the belt He was undefeated for the title. Cardona considered himself the true NWA Champion. Because of this, he thought he should call strikes for this match. Tyros agreed that he was not the undisputed champion due to the circumstances of Cardona’s previous injury. Tyrus urged that the only way to settle it was a one-on-one deal, so he signed the contract. Cheers in support of Tyrus started pouring out from the crowd.

Cardona was still hesitating. Tyrus and BLK Jeez got together, then Jeez suggested a solution. Tyrus and Cardona can compete in a six-player action game with the winner getting the right to choose the condition. And they can do it tonight!

Not so fast my friend. Cardona was receptive to the terms, but he wasn’t ready to wrestle. Cardona asked for one week to find partners, after which he could always be ready. Cardona finally signed the contract.

Tyrus vs. Cardona for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is now official Naf said On the 11th of February. In one week, we will know about the condition.

What kind of condition would you like to see for Tyrus vs. Matt Cardona to get ten pounds of gold in Naf said?

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