Marc Dutroux’s “House of Horror” will soon be destroyed –

The nickname “House of Horror” will be demolished in one of the residences of the Belgian criminal Marc Tudrox, who isolated many girls and young women between 1995 and 1996. This will lead to a memorial dedicated to the victims of pedophilia.

The ten-day demolition work began Tuesday morning in the popular Marcinell district, AFP reporters in Charleroi said. This is the house where Sabine and Leticia were released on August 15, 1996. Two young men, aged 12 and 14, Mark Tutrox were alive in a makeshift warehouse.

An inquest into the worst pedophile crimes in Belgium two days later confirmed that two 8-year-old girls, who had died of starvation at another apartment in Tutrox, had previously been detained in Marcinell. Julie and Melissa were abducted in June 1995, fourteen months before the tragic discovery.

“Between Earth and Heaven”

Photo by Mark Dutrox, published by the Belgian Police in 1996. [Belga – AFP]On Tuesday, workers sitting on a crane removed tiles from the roof after removing the panels covering the red brick facade of an uninhabited house. The building will be gradually demolished from top to bottom.

According to local officials, the rehabilitation plan is about a garage and Mark Tudrox’s house, which is planned to protect the cellars according to the wishes of the families of the victims. The aim is to replace the block of houses that have become popular across the country by the end of 2023 with a “memorial park”.

The monument, known as “Between Earth and Heaven,” was planted with trees and flowers and was designed “in consultation with Julie and Melissa’s parents who wanted these plants to be a symbol of life,” explained Mayor’s spokeswoman Sarah Powderbane. Charleroi Milk Magnet.

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Possible investigations

Families who believed that all of their questions had not been clarified by legal procedure (duration of allocations, potential issues, etc.) wanted the cellars to be protected as a potential platform for new future investigations.

Sentenced to life in 2004, Marc Dutroux, 65, was charged with abducting, isolating and raping six girls and young women between 1995 and 1996. Only Sabine and Laetitia were found, two days after he was arrested. .

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