Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal: Problems after the English Premier League match: The Gunners have a chance to win the championship until the final match.

Manchester United performed better than expected.

Before the match, BBC pundit Chris Chatton played fortune teller, predicting that Arsenal would win “easily” and predicting that the Gunners would come and attack Manche in this match.

While Cesc Fabregas, former Arsenal player looks on before the match. Visiting Old Trafford is not an easy task. But he believes his old team will be able to win. ''Without difficulty''

However, what happened on the field was contrary to what many expected.

Eric Ten Hag's side challenged and gave the visitors an exciting start. This can be seen in the reaction of the Gunners fans at the end of the match.

The problem is they lack quality in the end zone. Alejandro Carnacio in particular had difficulty making decisions.

Once again, Manchester United conceded a goal just as easily as before.

Not a good game for Arsenal, but mission closed!

Pre-match statistics show Arsenal beating Manchester United at Old TraffordPremier League Just one of the last 16 times they've met.

The Gunners scored a goal after Casemiro refused to check for offside in the first half. Many people expected that the result might flow.

But play and play it became clear that Mikel Arteta's side were clearly nervous and under pressure. Because they don't want to miss the opportunity like last season.

After the match, Arteta said that his team “was not calm and lacked consistency in the match.”

Even if it's not their greatest game. But in terms of competition results it was a very valuable three points. He has a chance to win the championship with Manchester City until the final match of the season next week.

Ahmed should start more as a starter.

The 21-year-old winger made his first start for Manchester United in 886 days, replacing Anthony who was dropped to the reserves.

He started the match well. Goes well with the ball. Try to get inside, be quick, dare to dribble, and dare to challenge the visiting defenders.

Unlike Anthony, who had the opportunity to play as a starter several times. But he is not able to make a big difference in the team plus it is not easy to feed yourself. And there is no speed either.

The function of a winger or half-wing striker, simple, nothing complicated. When you are in the final zone you have to create opportunities for your teammates to score goals. You must find an opportunity to score a goal. Must challenge opponents Must coordinate with teammates Must break through when in the end zone.

Unfortunately, Ahmed Diallo was substituted in the second half. The reason is that there is an injury problem.

If he is not seriously hurt and will be ready in time for the match against Newcastle United in the middle of this week. He should get a chance to start for the second straight game.

Saliba “Man of the Match”

The 23-year-old France defender continues to maintain his excellent form. He was named 'Man of the Match' in the match.

He dominated Carnacho in a one-on-one battle in the second half. The statistics after the match indicate that

– Cleared the ball a total of 6 times – the most.
– 4 interventions – the most
– Block an opponent's shot once.
– 100% win ground duels [4/4]
– Win 100% of aerial duels. [3/3]

Other statistics: Manchester United

Manchester United, under Erik ten Hag, continues to record an unforgettable record.

– Lost for the 14th time in the Premier League this season. This was the most games they lost in a single season. Since the Premier League era
– this is not enough. Most goals conceded in a single season in 53 years (including all competitions)
– Most losses in a single season in 46 years (including all competitions)

Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta's team after beating the Red Devils, thus achieving its 27th victory in the Premier League this season. This is the most wins in a single season in the history of the Premier League in the 2003/04 period during which the team was unbeaten, winning 26 matches.

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