Malawi is sad because the wreckage of the Vice President's plane has been found, and no one survived the shocking disappearance.

The President of Malawi announces that the remains of the Vice President's plane have been found, but no survivors have been found. After this military plane disappeared from the radar screen when the pilot decided to return after facing bad weather conditions

Malawi President Lazarus Chakira issued a somber press conference on June 11, 2024, in which he said that the remains of the Vice President of Malawi's plane had been found. But no survivors were found. The Malawian military plane then disappeared from the radar screen before it suffered a horrific crash, injuring Dr. Saulos Chilima, Vice President of Malawi. The pilot and nine people on board died.

Chakira is President of Malawi, a country located in the southeastern part of Africa. He stated that he received a report from the Commander-in-Chief. Regarding the search and rescue operation for the victims of the missing military plane, it ended when the rescue team found the wreckage of this plane that had disappeared from the radar screen. The President of Malawi said that he felt sad and deeply sorry to inform the Malawian people of this tragic tragedy.

President Shakira said that rescue teams found the entire wreckage of the damaged plane. After bringing Vice President Chilima (51 years old), who worked as a representative of the government, to attend the funeral ceremony of former Minister Ralph Kasambara in Mzuzu after his death four days ago.

Dr. Chilima, Vice President of Malawi along with the former First Lady traveled on this military aircraft. Which took off from Lilongwe Airport on Monday morning, June 10 to go to Mzuzu, but encountered bad weather. As a result, the pilot decided to turn back. Before arriving at the destination airport, but during that period the plane disappeared from the radar screen.

According to a report by Agence France-Presse. Vice President Chilima has served as Vice President of Malawi since 2014 and is very popular among Malawians. Especially young people

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