Mai Sukunthawa was confused, only to see people coming and asking. What does your husband do for a living and why is he rich?

Gave me a headache. Mai Sukunthawa I had to sit down and answer the questions again. After someone doubted DJ Tone Surapong Jetsunton What does your new husband do for a living, and why is he rich?

At this time, the new mother made a long post. Along with the hashtag: #Don’tletMommyGet Up Right Now, May wrote:

“#Don’t let your mother wake up. There are a lot of people asking, what does Sukunthawa’s new husband do? What is your profession? Is Sukunthawa’s new husband rich? Why is the new husband rich? (Even searching online, haha) My mother was confused as to what they were thinking Why do these questions arise? Do you think your new husband is doing something bad at his job, and why should we be afraid of him being in the news? The way others are too?

Let me tell you, we both do very honest work. Our family background has taught us well that if you want to get rich quick, doing a bad job is hot money. It will not be used for a long time. In the end, it’s not our money. We are always tired of bringing home money. Especially my husband who barely sleeps. I work 6-7 jobs a day too, and even when I sleep my eyes can’t sleep. I thought about working until the morning. If there are people close to you, they should have seen how early you wake up to go to work. We meet new couples all the time. Every camp, every channel!

But… People who have never met their spouses while working are all netizens who have never met them and will be suspicious. Mother doesn’t mind. Because you only live in the world of social media! Let’s just say that if you have any questions, you can ask. Don’t think about it and then gossip or say things that will hurt us. People live like machines that don’t take breaks. It will discourage us from doing good things.
Oh.. ..and if we do anything bad, now we’ll both be ruinously rich. (Currently still in debt) Making money to pay off debt We pay for the house and we pay for the car!) Most importantly, my mom doesn’t have to sit and sell things like this. Ken, it’s over. You clearly know the story! #Raising 2 children, the mother is tired and going crazy. #I have to answer another stupid question. #Nerves are completely different. #A mother is not a strong person. #But don’t be too hard on my mom first.”

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