Mai Charoenpura’s close friend responds forcefully, but that doesn’t make netizens any relief. After the singer was linked to the Namuan-Kwang case, they broke up.

After Namwan Zaza singer Pimra Charoenpakdee announced that she was downgrading her status with Kwang AB Normal Sirisin Chotiwijit, she was left with only good friends. Later, the man posted a message on Instagram. Personal love @kwangab says…

That I will be calm now. That he would honor the woman who spoke first and when he calmed down, he mentioned the news that there were some crazy students yelling at him again. I will tell everyone there was no one cheating on me and Wan, there was a third party, it was all because of the messy relationship with Pan Wan. And it’s too much to bear. I’ve reached my breaking point and reached the point where I can’t take it anymore.

Many Internet users commented on this event, with one of them commenting:…

This house was really scary. Personally, I have known the real person, the evil one, since my mother was born. All my mother’s daughters are very evil in front of me and behind Khun Mai’s back. I’m in this industry because I’m good at licking adults.

Ned, a close friend of Mai Charunburra, came to respond to the comment, saying…

Excuse me, who are you? Children’s stories have nothing to do with adults. Don’t lean on it to cause damage. It’s not about the family and the new sheikh either.

Thank you for the information/pictures: Instagram @kwanjab

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