“Mae Pui” explains that “Lala Larita” MUT Roi Et must withdraw if she breaks the rules. But not ineligible for another year: PPTVHD36

Pui-Piyaporn Saenkosik, president of Miss Universe Thailand 2024, explained that MUT Roi Et “Lala Larita” was not yet qualified for the competition. This cannot continue this year. But that doesn't stop me from coming back again.

As soon as the theater opens, there is immediately a story. Miss Universe Thailand 2024 A beautiful woman has just been introduced. But this event immediately caused drama when MUT Roi Et No no-Larita Llosa MonroeThe number 15 has been etched into history. It turned out that the age was not up to the standards set by the Miss Universe Division, which is that she must be 18 years old to enter the Miss Universe competition. Therefore, the question arises, how will the MUT decide?

Today (June 19, 2024) “Boy-Byaporn Senkosik” Big Boss TPN has come out to clear this up.

“I would like to point out that perhaps it is a misunderstanding of some provinces that they counted the BE numbers incorrectly, but they asked Mai Bui: If your younger brother is 17 years old, he will turn 18 in two months. Bui is not serious. Because of Nong Mong’s assumption and he has a lot Of potential, he is very talented, very cute, very elegant. If he is in Khao Maung, we will send him in November in Mexico. This is possible because the main group rule is 18 years old, but today I will have to go back and look. Roy Et has called a lot now. But in terms of letting our department check, the child is not yet 17 years old, so you will have to go and see him for sure now, if you are not 17 years old yet, it is already against the rules.

Did he explain it to us?

“CD, it's nice. They're a bunch of kids,” he said. “At first I thought he would be 17 or 18 in August, which is good for us. But now, if he doesn't reach 17, he can't really be sent. We don't know whether the coronation will happen or not, but if the coronation happens. Because the child is talented , Born in the top 5, it is difficult to do anything. I will have to check the documents now, that is, most of the time we will check two documents. This means that before the room is black, we will ask everyone to submit the documents To verify it.”

If you don't talk about age do we see the potential? How is his younger brother?

“King can definitely advance to the next round because he is a kid with high self-confidence. He is a kid who is driven by the sport. It's an international surfboard. There was no hesitation. Even though I can't speak Thai I'm trying to learn,” Mai Bui said. “It will be a great inspiration for the new generation in overcoming fear and hesitation.”

Wouldn't you be excluded from entering the competition in other years?

“It's not relevant at all. Next year, you won't even be able to apply. You'll have to wait two years until you're 18 before coming. It will be scary if this child comes,” the mother said.

The beauty queen's friend's voice cracked. Some people want to keep going. Some people say you have to go through the process?

“Yes, we want him to continue. But the rules have to be rules. Because otherwise there will be 14-15-year-olds competing everywhere, and it can't be done. The rules are the rules and maybe you should be the youngest now.”

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