Love and Thunder Trial

Although many Marvel fans were ecstatic when viewing the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder finally arrivedOthers were less excited. In fact, it appears that very few Twitter users were calling out actor Chris Pratt for being anti-gay after the trailer was released. It seems that one joke in the trailer was the cause of the insults.

As those who have seen the footage know, there is a moment when the star-Lord character of Chris Pratt talks with bull Chris Hemsworth. He gives the following advice:

β€œDid you feel lost? Just look into the eyes of the people you love.”

While Thor takes this advice and looks directly into Star-Lord’s eyes, Star-Lord has the opposite reaction.

“Not me,” says Star-Lord.

Thor responds:

“What? Just listen.”

Twitter users are now blaming Chris Pratt for the line, insisting that the actor suffers from homophobia as a result of his casting. One tweet in particular has garnered over 100,000 likes as of this writing. In fact, many of these tweets have gained tens of thousands of likes, which indicates that many of these Twitter users are feeling the same way. As you can see below:

It all goes back to early 2019, when Chris Pratt was first called homophobic for attending Heilong Church. Of course, Chris Pratt has since denied that he or his church ever held any kind of anti-gay views, and has consistently emphasized his desire to be open and loving to everyone. However, it appears that some Twitter users still want to target Chris Pratt and call the actor homophobic. It is especially strange that they choose a scene from Thor: Love and Thunder To express this too, considering it could have been written and directed by people who aren’t Chris Pratt. However, Chris Pratt finds himself at the center of all the controversy.

As such, it will be interesting to see how this reaction continues once Chris Pratt returns Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 Next year.

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