Love And Thunder brings Thor’s biggest opening weekend ever

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder
picture: Marvel Studios

There are an astonishing number of complex metrics used by economists, sociologists, psychologists, and other “How are people?” – Medical scientists have used them over the years to determine the health of a community: life expectancy, GDP, the number of people killed in a global pandemic each year, How close is the country to sliding into authoritarian fascism?, etc. But – if we’re completely honest – many of these scales have a major drawback of being total and absolute problems. This is the reason we are here in AV . ClubOur Newswire Desk is now invented king Measuring the Health of a Functioning Democracy: The Mjolnir Index, aka, “Amount of Newer Money” ox A movie made at the box office compared to other movies in the franchise? And child, from this point of view, we are looking at nothing but up, up, up!

A happy movie is of course Taika Waititi Thor: Love and Thunderwhich, although it has received a very poor critical reception in recent weeks (And the Although reports New COVID variants are raging Oops, that’s bad metric, just think of the hammers), set to be the best opening weekend of any ox movie ever.

This is, admittedly, grading on a little curve: the first two oxDirected by Kenneth Brana, it wasn’t exactly a barn burner when it hit theaters in 2011 and 2013, making just $65 million (ox) and $85 million)dark world) on opening weekends. Especially in Waititi Ragnarok, which is generally considered the best film, did slightly better in 2017, grossing $122 million in its opening weekend. But love and thunder He is expected to sail until then, for every THR: Even according to Disney’s most conservative estimates, Waititi will likely make at least $135 million this weekend, making it the best ox Yet, and establishing once and for all that all is well, OK, things can’t go wrong if the Hammerman films still make that much money. We repeat this to ourselves. We repeat this to ourselves until the repetition is correct.

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