LOOK: Raptors vs Pacers game delayed by speaker fire, resumes without fans in arena

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Well, you don’t see this every night. on Saturday, and wild birds game against Indiana Pacers At the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, it was postponed for a long time because a speaker caught fire. As a result, all fans present were asked to vacate the arena. The evacuation was a precaution, as there was no immediate danger to fans in the arena, according to the Raptors’ public speaking announcer, Herbie Con.

The pause occurred in the second quarter of the competition with the Raptors leading the Pacers 66-38, and it lasted over an hour. Eventually, proceedings in the stadium were resumed, but the fans were not allowed to re-enter the arena. wild birds issued the following statement Regarding the situation:

Scotiabank Arena has been given everything clear. The match against the Pacers will resume without any fans in the building. Tickets will be refunded within 30 days. We apologize to all of our fans who qualified for tonight’s game and thank our fans for their continued support.

The situation was unique, perhaps very upsetting to the fans who went to the match and were forced to leave early. At least they’ll get a response, though. And in the end, the fact that no one got hurt is the most important thing. You can’t blame the Raptors, or Arena, for erring on the side of caution. The Raptors went on to win the game 131-91.

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