Live – War in Ukraine: A surprise visit to Nancy Pelosi’s queue

After a visit to Nancy Pelosi Q, she reaffirmed her determination to help Ukraine

From Rzeszow, Poland, Nancy Pelosi reflected on her meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Saturday. According to him, security, humanitarian and economic aid, as well as “once successful” restructuring were discussed.

During a press conference with other members of the US House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House of Representatives assured that he would not be discouraged by attempts to prevent him from leaving Moscow so that the United States would not supply arms to Ukraine.

During the conference, he broadcast on his Twitter account, “Do not be afraid of tyrants.”

London says Russia is using a ‘troll factory’ for its campaign

The British government has commissioned an investigation into the matter, with pro-Russian trolls waging an information war from an old factory in St. Petersburg, from where they are targeting Western leaders and spreading the Kremlin’s propaganda about Ukraine.

In particular, London claims that these trolls are spreading lies “on social media and in the views of the most visited sites” in order to “manipulate international public opinion”, according to a statement from the British Foreign Office.

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said the government was fighting online to “counter Russian action.”

Russian officials are threatening to seize the assets of countries they consider hostile

Russian officials point out this Sunday that they could seize the assets of countries considered hostile to Russia.

The threat comes as the US administration offers to transfer assets seized from Russian oligarchy to Ukraine.

“For a company located in the Russian territory, it is appropriate for owners of hostile countries (seizure of Russian property, author’s note) to respond with glass actions: seize these assets,” the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel.

He accused the United States, but not Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, of violating international law. Viatcheslav Volodin says the proceeds of the capture will be used for Russia’s “growth.”

Nancy Pelosi met Volodymyr Zhelensky during a visit to Kiev

The Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States visited the President of Ukraine, the latter announced in a tweet released on Sunday morning.

“We meet with you to say ‘thank you for your struggle for freedom. Your struggle is a struggle for all. We promise to be by your side until the war is over,'” Nancy Pelosi promised at the end of the meeting on Saturday. that day.

“The United States is at the forefront of strong support for Ukraine in the fight against Russian occupation. Thank you for helping to protect our state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity!”, Volodymyr Zhelensky wrote this Sunday morning.

The city councilor says the Odessa airport runway will be restored ‘after the war’

Asked live on BFMTV this Sunday morning, Petro Obukhov, Odessa’s municipal councilor, returned to attack with an “intercontinental ballistic missile” that destroyed the airport runway on Saturday.

“Our soldiers say this path can no longer go on. But after our victory, after the war, we will recover it quickly,” he said Sunday morning.

To illustrate this kind of attack, he recalled the geographical location of the city, which was located “far from the front line”.

“All that is left for the Russians is attacks from a distance, missiles and unfortunately it will continue,” the city councilor laments.

The curfew will be enforced in the city this evening and will last until May 3.

The runway at Odessa Airport was destroyed by a Russian attack

The Odessa airport on the east coast of the country was targeted Saturday by Russian forces.

The governor of the region Maxim Marchenko announced that a strike had the effect of destroying the runway of the airport. Yet according to him, no victim should regret it.

Last week, eight people were killed in Russian attacks on this historic city, which have so far been relatively unprotected.

France promises to strengthen its material and humanitarian support

During a phone call at noon on Saturday, Emmanuel Macron pledged to “strengthen” humanitarian and material assistance to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky.

The stated purpose of the French President: to protect the “sovereignty” of Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron also promised to extend the work of French experts sent to the country to assist international justice in gathering evidence of crimes committed by Russian forces.

About twenty civilians left Azovstel Steelworks on Saturday evening

About twenty civilians were evacuated for the first time from the Azovstal factory, an industrial complex located in the city of Mariupol, besieged by Russian forces.

All previous expulsion attempts failed.

“They have been transferred to the agreed location and we hope that they will be deported to Saboria in the territory under Ukrainian control,” said Sviatoslav Palmer, deputy commander of the regiment in a telegram.

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