Lily Nguyen lends Pu Manthana 500,000 even though she's only known her for a day. Because I want to be a star! He said he saw there was only 14 baht in the account.

Lily Nguyen admits that she knows Po Manthana and that she will lend her 500,000 baht for one day because she wants to become a star. Let me play in the transitions.. I agree. It is worth it today. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and got to ride the wave. He revealed that he once saw that there was only 14 baht in his account, and cried because he did not have the money to pay his child's internet bill. Borrowing money to pay for tuition He said that if I file a lawsuit, I will have to sell myself to get money to hire a lawyer. I am tired of being deceived by Eric Lederer for 50 million and still being bullied over and over again.

She came out to hit the Noon Krasae show, which was recorded today (July 9, 2024) for “Lily Nguyen.”Debt Collection Case “Bo Manthana Golden Snow”I couldn't accept being accused of bringing a criminal to know me before he told me about the origins. How did we know each other?

“I knew him two years ago, through an elder who was close to me. That day I went to eat Japanese food and met Bo. That day was the first day. At that time, Lee was affected by the news of Eric. Lederer cheated and now he has an arrest warrant issued for Lee decades ago. It is believed that he survived. He was beaten by many people, a lot. If you want it, take it (laughs). He said he would take Little Lee to see the elders. Enter the industry with the right people. Nong Lee will not be cheated or deceived again.”

Revealing the source of the scam because I want to be a star
“I want to enter the entertainment industry. I want to be a star. You want to be an actor. I want to be an organizer. I am very happy that I entered this industry and paid a lot of money. I was cheated a lot when I met P'Pu. P'Pu was an actor. I have been a fan since childhood. The family's reputation and status are the most famous. I was happy and it was okay. The next day, Nong Li called me and said, I want to borrow some money.

I met Bo in one day and lent him 500,000 baht, I agreed because I wanted to become a star.
“For one day only. He borrowed 500,000 baht and said he wanted to borrow some money to do business. He claimed his friend borrowed it but he would guarantee it to his friends. I give it to him because he wants it. I was asked why I want to be a star (laughs). This is my dream, so I came to this show with 500,000 baht, that day I came to appear on the show today. It is considered worthwhile (laughs).He took me once to see the Channel 7 actors on set, and I was so happy. But that's all I got. Nothing happened so let it be, I just want to eat and talk to him. I'm happy and he's nice.”

Talk about shocking the entire industry.
“If I’m not good, I’ll go to hell myself. I was given money, 670,000 baht, let me see how kind and generous I am, and you can learn to do the same. But participating in the show today was worth it (laughs), and it took me almost a year to get back the 100,000 baht. Because before, Eric cheated me, I went to ask him, and when I asked, he said I would give him interest. I said I didn't want that. Every time he calls to borrow money, he always refuses.Every time I talk to him the money will come first. He said he gives us a lot of attention all the time, he offered interest, but I didn't give it because the old one wasn't available yet.”

Tell the story of the breaking point with Pu. He said that if I file a lawsuit, I won't be able to pay the money. You will go to jail to see!
“I broke 170,000, actually 600,000, I couldn’t take it anymore, but I only lost 170,000 and 70,000, and I only had 250,000 left. I had to lose 170,000 baht until I ran out of money, but Bo endured my suffering. I borrowed the money and said I would pay it back in the evening. From that day until today I still haven’t gotten it back. I’m in big trouble and you come to take money from people in need. Finally, karma caught up with him. One’s actions How did you manage to sleep in a hospital like this?

If you want to sue, let him sue. If you want to sue for money for defamation, I don't have any money to give you. If he can turn my favor into injustice. And I don't have the means to pay him money because his family is rich or anything. I'll go to jail for you guys to see.Let the people of the whole country see that I only ask for one thing. I'm sorry, Dad. I'm a single mother, I have a 10-year-old son, and I'm having a hard time. You still have to sue us.”

Announcement: I will not get my money back because I am bored.
“I'm bored. He's talking on the show. I'm talking tough, but I told him everything. He talked on Open Mouth with Phakpoom. He said that Lily brought a criminal to make me lose 500,000 baht, which is not true. I know an old lady named Mrs. K. I met her in a restaurant. She saw the news that Eric had cheated me out of 50 million, so they exchanged words of encouragement.Eric got 36.8 million in cash and he got another 10 million in debt (Eric, who drives a sports car every day, takes pictures, has a watch, some of them fake?) Yeah, he got away with it. Then you can't get him back (laughs).

When I met Mrs. K. that day, we were not intimate at all. It's been almost a month since P' Pu was tricked out of his land. He said he was very nervous and wanted to drink but didn't have any money, please go and treat him. I said I have an appointment with my elder. He is sad and will come to eat with me. He will be the sponsor of the program for you too P'Pu, is that true? So, can I invite him to a Japanese restaurant in Thonglor? Let's eat here together. I tried calling and asking. In the end, they gathered together to meet Ms. A. She was late, so P'Pu asked her to follow her. Have you arrived yet?”

He showed the money slip in the account, there was only 14 baht, he shouted that he had no money to pay the internet bill. In addition, I borrowed money to pay my child's tuition.
“P’Pu, if it’s about money, he’ll be in a hurry, please follow him wherever he is. When we met at the restaurant Bo was crying and crying. His son called and asked me to pay for the internet. But he didn't have the money. It showed 14 baht in his account.I said it's fine. What do you want to eat? Can you take care of me now? He said he was being considerate. The day my son was hospitalized he said Nong Li wanted to borrow some money. Pay your child's tuition I transferred another ten thousand baht. My life is full of giving. I would like some too. Give me some of your heart. She won't just take. That's not fair at all.

Then Mrs. A said she would help you buy the land. Because Bo cried and cried. I am happy to be the middleman. He will help our sister. He said there would be no cost at all, but the next day he told the adults that he was willing to help Faye Bo. Bo made an appointment to go to an Italian restaurant. It was Italian food, and Mrs. Kor was the one who served it and I asked her if it was true that she had received 14 baht the day she went to Thonglor. He showed me the money and there was 14 baht left, so I said don’t worry, just order it now.”

She told me that if I filed a lawsuit, I should sell myself and use the money to hire a lawyer. I didn't fight for my life to be…
“Sue until you get the money. Wasting a year of money for a lawyer again, take the 600,000 baht, distribute it, but don’t sue me. I really don’t have any money. If you want to sue me, where will you get the money to pay for the lawyer? I have to sell the watch to help Bo. To pay for my mother’s insurance, Bo. If P'Pu came and accused me of being a bad mouth. Sue for bankruptcy if you want to take my money back I'd have to sell myself and get money to hire a lawyer, that's too much.

That day, I went to eat with him and sat with P'Pu, and P'Pu said to me, please help me. One of the elders said that Lily had a video call. Po is next to me. Lily, I will find you a job. Do you want to eat with adults? I didn't fight for my life to change… or sell myself. I want to be a star. P'Pu himself asked Li not to do that. (Voice trembling) But do you want P'Pu to give it back to me a little? Do you know how bad it is to be cheated out of 100 million, wanting to be a star, and ending up being… It's bad (Voice trembling) Someone forced Li to go into the entertainment business. Eating with adults and it's not like that.”

He claims that Ms. Cor did not scam the crab money.
“I’m not fooling you. He will help P’Pu with the land. If he can take out P’Pu’s land, he will take P’Pu’s land and entrust it to the elders. If you get a hundred million, you will deduct 400,000 baht. That day, P'Pu didn't pay a single baht. I had paid P'Pu 100,000 as a guarantee. P'Pu didn't pay a single baht. Because if P'Pu got the money, he might give me back the 600,000. Not a penny lost. Not a penny lost. I'm a waste of money.

We met that day at an Italian restaurant. No and Bo said they wanted to stop the rescue because Bo didn’t have the money to pay. Mrs. A said how could they stop it? He’d already talked to the adults. It’s a waste of words. Then he wired personal money to the adult. But he wouldn’t let us see the voucher.

Here, I am witnessing that P'Pu Khao is innocent. Not in debt The one who wastes money is the rat. But Pu will take this matter as another case. That I took a criminal to meet him You can't explain But when I go to any program, I will always follow Pu's face. I will always be kind to Pu Pu. Even this message How can Pee Pu speak on the program? That he took a criminal to meet P'Pu

From now on, don't expect me to have good things for you. I did it myself. I will come out and tell the truth for everyone to know. If I come out and tell the truth, I will definitely end it, worse than Be Look Me. Because what I say is the truth, I have never worn color. You will definitely meet me.I will appear on a show or something and I will ask for permission and tell P'Pu first. If you do it, do it face to face, he is after the police station. He doesn't accept my messages or read them. What is it? They took my money but asked me to talk to another company for what? So I was angry, so I decided to respond in the name of Lily Style for Ms. A. All my money. But Pu didn't return a single baht. Then he tricked someone into taking 70,000 baht to pay off someone else's debt. Do you think it's good?

Meanwhile, “Lawyer King”, Krab's lawyer, revealed that Krab agreed to give 170,000 baht first and not go to Lily to go to the show. But Madam Lily said that she had already agreed with Lukmi. Even if you give it to me, I will go anyway. Otherwise, he is a dog. Here, Lily got angry and said:

Not true! Don't lie and lie That day, P'Pu told me that she would appear on the show. P'Pu asked me not to go, I begged him and said that I couldn't break my word. But let me tell you first, I'm afraid you will regret it. So I suggest that if you find 170,000 baht, don't go. At first I denied that I said anything. I just hung up the phone. Then you can think about it again. Because I didn't have any money, I said okay, if P'Pu finds 170,000 baht, I won't go but in the end, I couldn't, so I left. Every time, I said good things. As for why he didn't give it. He said it's okay. It's up to me.”

In the end, Nom Kanchai asked, can he play the villain? Because he said he wanted to become a star and he also revealed, “Now I can play the role of a shifter.
(laughs) Let me be the heroine, you crazy person, play whatever you want, please help me, you can hire me now. The story of Nakki Thawephob, the heroine of Khamchadon, the heroine of many songs, is about Naga. I would like to leave you with a movie to raise the generation. It should be in theaters at the end of the year or next year. There was also a ghost movie that I starred in. Thank you to the kind adults. I was helpless until I found the real thing. Thank you very much, I am sorry for making mom and dad nervous, but don't worry about me. I will fight.”

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