Life-Size Statue of Street Fighter's Chun-Li Unveiled

Chun-Li from Street Fighter is not just an important character in the game. He is one of the most popular fighting game characters in the world. Although he was not in the first game, after appearing in Street Fighter 2, he became the most popular character. And now you can have a life-size bust to decorate your home!

However, the price of this statue is the highest at $3,999 (about 145,000 baht) for this very special statue. Although the price is high, the carefully carved details are definitely worth it. You can pre-order on the website. Sideshow Collectibles It is the product

Details of Chun-Li Bust Statue from Street Fighter.

The material used in the production is mainly silicone to make it as realistic as possible. Even the hair is made of high-quality synthetic materials to look like real hair, and it is 35 inches long and 24 inches wide, and is a full-size replica of Chun-Li from the game. Sideshow Collectibles has a virtual home service. You can also scan the QR code to actually place the statue in your home before purchasing. (Scan it from the image above)

We usually only see small statues, but this Chun Li chest statue is really cool. So, if anyone has enough money and is a fan of this game, don't miss to buy and collect it!

while Street Fighter VI It is a sequel to the legendary street fighting game. Thanks to the new gameplay, both World Tour and Battle Hub offer a different kind of fun than before, starting with World Tour, a story mode that allows us to create our own characters, and Battle Hub, a large map where you can travel and meet fighters. As for the main game modes such as Arcade Mode and VS Mode, they are still available as before. There are also new graphics improvements. And easy-to-use controls

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