Life After Retirement, Peter Fordivi, Waiting for Old Age Allowance, Covid Ruins Business I was devastated by the loss.

Living legend country singer Khaju peter fordiffie The author of famous songs from the past to the present, has moved to working backstage and going to the stage. She’s just turned 60, and she still looks amazing

Recently, the media provided an update through the Toh Noo Mam program on Workpoint Channel. Talking about current life Happy with his life after retirement Willing to reveal business matters No matter what job you do, it is not as successful as holding a microphone and singing. I would like to sing until I am old, and follow in the footsteps of my idol Ad Carabao until I run out of breath.

Recently I’ve seen him move to work behind the scenes. Writing songs for many celebrities?

“Now I will compose music. In the past, Brother Nu had a measuring device. Bong Lang Sa On, Gintara Punlarp and the singers composed for the company. According to many other companies and even today I still write. There is a song about election campaigns, where the sub-district administrative organization will campaign Election for deputies who will campaign. And music was written for the drama Take It All “For example, dramatic songs were written for Pee Ped Chernyim. No matter what he did, he still did it.”

Have you ever worked in a profession other than the entertainment industry?

“I’ve also tried other professions. But it’s like it’s not us. In the past, I used to open the fun table. Because I like to bet for fun, but it’s fun, like it was a sport at that time. Saving money like a brave person. I saved money and opened 4 tables At that time the building was built. Open the fun table, after being open for two years, it was full of people playing. Children come to play. Adults come and play. At that time we thought we were comfortable. But once Covid arrived everything was done. These days it is sold out The store couldn’t handle it and then there was a problem keeping people from gathering. They weren’t allowed to gather together, so they quit, and they couldn’t take it any longer. Don’t do anything anymore. So we went back to doing what we were good at. Stop… Make a living from other jobs.”

Do you have any idols in the music industry? Why do you love making music so much?

“My first role model is P’Eed Prayunpitak. Singers in the past used to just sing. Showing just the voice but P’Eed would come in looking like he was just talking and entertaining. Outside the box of the singers that were around in those days. So I copied P’Eed and he was the second person who My favorite is P’Tik Shiro. He sang and danced too. His movements were fun. I took them from P’Tik Shiro. But if we are really following in his footsteps, here it is Phi Aed Carabao, who uses his ideas and work. Phi Aed has worked all his life and has never stopped Never sing. There was a quote from one of his older brothers who once said: People are born to sing and dance. So why should we go to other professions? I should cry until I can’t cry. So I thought of taking this issue into our minds. So I made a decision: If he stops I want to stop singing at what age? I will stop singing when I am the same age as Faye Ed. I like Paul’s addition very much. Before that, my name was Somsak. When I entered the industry, I changed my name to Yuen Yuen after Faye Ed. I have a lot of faith. “

how old are you? Can you still work and sing?

“This year I am 60 years old, and I am happy to receive a salary from the government. “But I received news earlier that they will not give it anymore (laughs). Even getting 600 is good. I’ll get the electricity bill (laughs). I’ll be a singer like Bade said. That is, we will continue until we can no longer cry because we thought, we have prepared everything, that when we retire, we will have a house. Do you have land to grow vegetables like this? Everything is already supported. We will not be careless with life.”

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