Library of the Future: Literature in your sleep and a library that will keep its secrets for 100 years.

  • The Library of the Future is a library that will preserve the secret of the literature of famous writers and poets for 100 years, while planting 1,000 trees to provide raw material for the books that will be revealed over the next century.
  • The project was started by Scottish artist Kathy Peterson who came up with the idea of ​​how writers could record their writing in tree rings. What if trees absorbed writers' words like air and water? If we use the width of tree rings to break down the rhythm of each season over the next several years, is this possible?
  • The model for the Library of the Future is a committee called the Library of the Future Fund that selects important writers and poets of the era. So that each person can create a story that is a record of that contemporary moment. Ready to imagine the world of the future. The committee will select one writer annually starting from 2014 until 2114 until reaching 100 people.
  • The owners of these businesses will be privy to the content they pass on to future generations. What people of our time should do is preserve these pieces of literature. Including the environment and the world for future generations as well.

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