Leadership – Stoltenberg’s tenure as NATO leader extended


Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg was re-appointed as Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Thursday.

Jens Stoltenberg will continue as NATO Secretary General.

Jens Stoltenberg will continue as NATO Secretary General.


NATO leaders met at an extraordinary summit in Brussels on Thursday to announce on Twitter that they had decided to extend the mandate of Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg to head the coalition until September 30, 2023, due to the war in Ukraine.

“I am honored by the decision of NATO leaders and the government to extend my tenure as Secretary-General until September 30, 2023,” he wrote. Jens Stoltenberg has been appointed chairman of the Central Bank of Norway and will take office on December 1.

Chairman of the Central Bank of Norway

Initially, Jens Stoltenberg, 63, was due to step down in the fall to take over as chairman of the Norwegian central bank on December 1, a position he was appointed to in February. But a month ago, the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted the agenda.

“As we face the biggest security crisis in a generation, we are united to keep our alliance strong and our citizens safe,” Jens Stoltenberg added on Twitter to renew it one more year after the end of the 30 NATO member states.

Since 2014

The Social Democrat leader has led the Atlantic Alliance since October 2014. Previously, he was the Prime Minister of Norway in 2000-2001, then for a long time between 2005 and 2013. Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Kr Storr said at a summit at NATO headquarters in Brussels that he supported the extension of Jens Stoltenberg’s order.

According to the Norwegian bank, the interim solutions are being scrutinized by the Norwegian government, with the interim vice president as head of the company.


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