Laverne Cox presents Jada Pinkett Smith’s Tangled

  • Laverne Cox “Tangled” Jada Pinkett Smith reported out of wedlock on the SAG Awards red carpet.
  • Pinkett Smith confirmed that she was in a relationship with Augustus Alcina when she and Smith briefly broke up.
  • On the July 2020 episode of her show “Red Table Talk,” Pinkett Smith described it as a tangle.

Laverne Cox posed “Tangled” Jada Pinkett Smith, where Pinkett Smith previously referred to her extramarital affair with August Alsina on her “Red Table Talk” show for her and her husband, Will Smith, on Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday red carpet.

“Thank you for all the years of joy you brought us, thank you, we can’t wait for more ‘red table talk’ and more tangles,” Cox told the couple on the red carpet.

“No more of those,” Pinkett Smith replied while she and Smith laughed.

“No more tangles, no more tangles,” Cox said.

On the July 2020 episode of Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch “Red Table Talk” She confirmed that she had a previous relationship with musician Auguste El Sina While she separated from Smith several years ago. On the show, she described her relationship with Elsina as “entanglement,” saying it started nearly four years before the episode.

Smith and Pinkett Smith both explained that they separated at the time, with Pinkett Smith saying Alsina “wasn’t a homeowner.”

“I don’t actually see it as transgression at all,” Pinkett Smith said in the episode. “Through that particular journey, I learned a lot about myself and was really able to confront emotional immaturity and emotional insecurity. And I was really able to do some really deep healing.”

Later at the awards ceremony, Smith won Best Performance by a Male Actor In the lead role for his role as Richard Williams in King Richard.

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