Konami confirms the return of Silent Hill

It finally happens. A decade after the last full game on Silent Hill, the survival horror series presents a long-awaited full lineup.

The future of the Silent Hill series will be revealed this week – on Wednesday at 10pm here in the UK.

“In your turbulent dreams, do you see that city?” Silent Hill official Twitter The account is up this evening. “The latest updates to the Silent series will be revealed during the #SilentHill Transmission on Wednesday, October 19 at 2 PM PT.”

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Masahiro Ito retweeted the ad, who has worked on several entries in the Silent Hill series as monster designer and art director.

So, what do we expect? Well, the past few years have seen various whispers of Silent Hill projects in development – although there’s nothing more concrete than the recent appearance last month of something called “Silent Hill: The SMS” popping up on the Korean video game rating board.

separately , Constant rumors spread about a remake of Silent Hill 2, which several reports have claimed is being developed by Layers of Fear studio Bloober Team. apparent concept art And the shots From this project it was also leaked online.

Our clearest confirmation of several Silent Hill projects in development came earlier this month, when Silent Hill director Christoph Gans spoke of ‘several teams’ working on ‘several games’. Back in 2020, manager chatter I suggested It’s time to “make new” [Silent Hill movie]Maybe we’ll hear about that on Wednesday as well?

At the moment, Konami has a file Silent Hill teaser site To look at – which you can see below. Tune in on Wednesday at 10pm UK time for more information.

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