Kitchen: How to replace mustard in case of shortage?

There are many alternatives with other spices instead of mustard.

There are many alternatives with other spices instead of mustard.

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KitchenHow to replace mustard in case of shortage?

There is a risk of mustard shortage due to drought. Here are some alternatives to this widely used condiment.


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After sunflower oil, mustard? This summer’s weather has raised fears of a shortage of mustard, which accounts for 80% of the world’s production in Canada. The country, which has been experiencing extreme heat since June, fears it will lose nearly 30% of its production, according to the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture. Ukraine may have represented an emergency solution, but the ongoing conflict undermines this solution.

In France, the media noted this risk, leading to precautionary purchases. In Switzerland, the scarcity phenomenon is less strong. Swiss producers buy mainly from Canada, but also from Austria and Hungary. So production is not stopped, but prices may increase. So What are the alternatives?In addition to mayonnaise and ketchup, substitute these condiments and more Seasonings vary?


A relative of black radish and wasabi, this root is perfect for mayonnaise in sauces or for spicing up dishes. Its flavor goes well with fresh or smoked fish, shrimp or foie gras. In Britain, it is served with roast beef.


A condiment of Japanese cuisine, wasabi, with its strong flavor, is a good alternative to mustard. To reduce its tartness, mix it with fresh cream instead of mayonnaise. Mixed with lemon juice, it can accompany fish or vegetables, but can also be a meat base for grilled meats.

Tahini sauce

Rich in calcium, this sesame puree is a classic of oriental cuisine. On a sandwich, as a salad dressing or as an accompaniment to vegetables, this sauce is versatile. It can also be flavored with spices, for example turmeric.

You can buy it ready-made or prepare it yourself: Brown a cup of sesame seeds in a fat-free pan. After cooling, it is necessary to mix them with neutral oil.

Worcestershire sauce

More liquid, this sauce has similarities with mustard in its spicy taste. It’s a vinaigrette condiment, but can be paired with vinegar for oysters, soy sauce for Chinese ravioli, or garlic or honey to spice up grilled meats.


If it’s the binding power of mustard you’re looking for in a dressing, yogurt will do the trick, but it won’t spice up the sauce.


Chives are added while cooking instead of mustard to add flavor to the meat. The meat is flavored using various peppers and aromatic herbs.

Vegetable purees

Mustard is often used to garnish savory pie shells. To change it and add flavor, tapenade, eggplant caviar or dried tomato pulp are good substitutes.


Instead of mustard on a sandwich, the food section of online media “konbini” has its trick: put burrata, which brings fondant, fat and saltiness.

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