Kim Jong Un praises outgoing South Korean President Moon in exchanging ‘messages of friendship’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un exchanged warm words with outgoing South Korean President Moon Jae-in in less than three weeks before Moon’s term expired in May.

The official North Korean Central News Agency reported that there was an “expression of deep trust” between the two leaders, which came in the form of exchange messages this week.

The report noted that Moon sent a letter to Kim on Wednesday, pledging to continue efforts to unite them previously announced Through several inter-Korean summits held in 2018.

Efforts have since stalled, and tensions have persisted in the peninsula region long after the failed summit between North Korea and the United States in 2019, which saw an agreement On lifting sanctions has not been reached. Last month, North Korea also ended its self-imposed moratorium in 2017, after it launched… intercontinental ballistic missile (intercontinental ballistic missile) that landed near the west coast of Japan.

Moon’s office confirmed that he had exchanged “messages of friendship” with the North Korean leader. Kim responded to Moon’s message on Thursday, stating that he “appreciates the pain and efforts Moon Jae-in has made for the great cause of the nation until the last days of his tenure.” Kim also said that their “historic” summits gave citizens “hope for the future.”

Yoon Suk-yeol was appointed from the conservative People’s Power Party (PPP) took office As President of South Korea on May 10. He has previously indicated that while he is open to resuming dialogue, he intends to implement military deterrence A stronger alliance with the United States

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South Korean politician and diplomat Kwon Young-se sees the exchange between Kim and Moon as a “good thing”.

“There was some content the new government would like to hear,” Kuhn was quoted as saying. “It was a very positive thing that he did not see negatively the trust and progress in relations,” he added.

picture: CN

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