Kevin Spacey calls his father a ‘neo-Nazi’ in misconduct trial

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey
picture: Alexei J. Rosenfeld (Getty Images)

like his sexual misconduct trial In New York Connect, Kevin Spacey shared He struggled with his sexuality early in his life because of his father Anti-gay views.

Spacey says about his father, Thomas Fowler, in diverse. “I’ve never really talked about these things in public at all… I grew up in a very complex family dynamic.”

The admission came when Spacey took a stand for defense testimony. Spacey faces a $40 million civil lawsuit from actor Anthony Rapp, who alleges Spacey made unwanted sexual advances on him in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old. in Previous CertificateRapp described the incident as “the most traumatic single event of my life”.

“I knew something was wrong,” Raab said. “I had this feeling I had to get out of there. What I was feeling also froze.”

Spacey has repeatedly denied Rapp’s allegations, and used an initial public apology of 2017. come out gay. When Spacey’s lead attorney Chase A. Skolnick asked him to comment on Rapp’s suggestion in his previous testimony that Spacey was a “fraud” for not revealing sooner, Spacey dived into his past.

“To call someone a fraud is to say that someone is living a lie,” Spacey said. “I wasn’t living a lie. I was reluctant to talk about my personal life.”

Further describing his family’s dynamic, Spacey stated that he was “terrified” of his father and was “forced to listen” to Fowler’s fanatical sermons. When Spacey expressed his desire to become an actor, Fowler reportedly told him “Don’t be a worrisome word.”

“I wouldn’t say it here because it’s insulting,” Spacey says. “I definitely had some degree of shame.”

On Monday, judges dismissed Rapp’s emotional distress lawsuit against Spacey on the grounds that she would “repeat damages,” according to Judge Louis A. Kaplan. Spacey still faces battery charges (and a huge fine for using it).

In addition to his trial in New York City, Spacey also faces five counts of sexual assault in the UK, which he has also pledged. not guilty. A trial for those charges –which includes four counts of sexual assault from three different men dating back to 2005—It will start next summer.

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