Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy, teases a new game for Annapurna

catamare damasiAnd the tamAnd the newbie boy Game designer Keita Takahashi and “mini game studio” Uvula come up with a new game for her stray And the neon white Publisher Annapurna Interactive. Uvula provided a first look at that new game, which has no announced title, during the Annapurna 2022 Games Show, but revealed little about the project.

A very short trailer focusing on the shaky uvula of a snoring young man, awakened by a dog licking his face. The trailer promises “more to come” but also looks frustrated by its lack of information. The platforms and release window have not been announced. See, at this point all you can really count on is a dog that licks faces.

Uvula has had a little teaser page for the project for a while now, only referring to it as a “new project” and including an image of a teapot. Other recently released Uvula projects include A time travel adventure in Cranken for Playdate Handheld PanicAnd the the alphabet For PC (only available as part of a file Great Game Pack), And the Teen Tina and Anya, which is a game played with a dedicated 16-button controller. Takahashi worked too tam And the Scientist During his time at Funomena.

For everything else Annapurna Interactive announced Thursday, check-out Polygon Report from Annapurna Show.

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