Keeping the memories of “Ad Chomchai Chatwilai” 58 years in the entertainment industry

Keeping memories of “Ad Chomchai Chatwilai”, the great star and actor who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 58 years.

It is a huge loss for the Thai entertainment industry. For the departure of major stars Add mother or Chumchay Shatoilai She is 73 years old and is an actress with continuous work and experience in the entertainment industry for a long time. This created a famous reputation. Be very likeable and respectful towards old and new actors

Keeping the memories of “Ad Chomchai Chatwilai” 58 years in the entertainment industry

life Add mother It can be said that he has been working in the entertainment industry since he was a child. He first entered the entertainment industry when he was only 6 years old, and was a singer in Chamrat Wiphatawat's music group until 1965. He won a singing competition on the program Rak Rakphong and thus began to gain fame. He used the stage name “Anchulee Chatwilai”

He acted in plays, the Channel 4 television drama, Bang Khun Phrom, and the radio drama (Kayew Fah Group). Later, he has acted in several films to date. He has over 58 years of experience in the entertainment industry, having acted in 57 films, 181 television series and 6 plays.

Many people still do not know that Mai Ide once participated in the Miss Thailand 1967 contest in the same category as Avantri Prayuthsini. The runners-up for Miss Thailand in that category were Rongthep Phinyo, Patcharin Vairodom, Ponta Sripaw and Pinarat Tanonchai, with Mai Ed using their real names in the competition as their real names and surnames.

Awards obtained

It can be said that My Ed's acting skills are not ordinary because she is guaranteed many works. It also won awards in various fields.

The second most popular actress award from the drama “Bhutan” on Thai TV Channel 3 in 1981, organized by the Baan Muang newspaper.

Golden Mask Award for Supporting Actress from the musical Thin Chee Witness, staged by Hotel Montien

Royal Institution Commendation Award 2011 Super Thai language user

M Thai Top Talk About Award 2013 Special Award: Most Mentioned Senior Actor

2015 TV Gold Award, People's Television Honor Award

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personal life

In terms of personal life, May Ed only has one heir. Art Panitnat Chatoulay Former entertainment news editor of Channel One, currently drama organizer, special lecturer in artist management, Thammasat University

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Illness before departure

Until the past year or two, My Ed was doing less dramas, which made fans miss each other a little. Because in the past they were used to seeing May Ed's works all the time.

Before June 21, 2024, there was a sad news report that Mai Eid, a great actress who was loved by the actors, passed away peacefully through his daughter, Fateh Mai Eid. Nine Entertainment The mother's illness began in 2016, starting with the mother feeling that her memory was not very good

Brain tumors were detected affecting memory and this made my mother very sad and disappointed. Additionally, my mother has had diabetes since she was 30 and has always taken medication to control her symptoms. But he went to work as usual even if you weren't 100% healthy. With the diabetes that the mother suffers from, it affects other organs such as the heart and kidneys that do not work properly. Your blood sugar begins to fluctuate up and down until it crashes.

There was a return to serious treatment until 3 months ago. The mother's illness worsened and she lost weight until she became very thin and had to be admitted to the hospital to receive treatment. With dialysis until the mother could no longer bear it and later died peacefully. Which was not prepared in advance

When fans as well as children, grandchildren, friends and siblings in the entertainment industry heard the news, many came out to express their condolences, and every action and every smile of Mai Aid Chumchai will definitely remain in the memories of Thai drama fans. The Bangkok Insight entertainment news team would like to once again express our condolences.

Image source: Aarts Panetnaart Chatvilai

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