‘Kausen’ emphasizes soft power, not plastic surgery.

The government listens to this.” Gausan explains soft power, not plastic surgery. Please don’t try to distract and do plastic surgery on the culture of people in this country and city. Seriously, don’t be tempted to bark up visible pieces of meat in the water out of hunger.

3 December 2023 – Mr. Kausan Adhibodhi, independent academic published an article in Q&A format on the topic Soft Power, Not Plastic Surgery. The content is as follows:

K. What is soft power?

Answer: It is better if you answer like this… If you are talking about England I would like to hear it? Is there something with him that you enjoy, travel with, keep, follow?

Q: I want to see the FA-Cup, go to Buckingham Palace, visit a museum, compete in steeplechase and send my child to study in England.

Answer: What I have just said is that England’s soft power developed and developed. Natural accumulation according to one’s roots The British government came under investigation. We will ask the concerned committee. Then consult and agree to take steps to help and improve as far as possible within the framework of the state only reason, trade and international relations are also considered a useful face.

Question: Can a government employer create soft power?

Answer: No, it can only be a promotional alliance. Like the FA-Cup, it is an evolution in their own sporting society. Adequate quality casts a shadow over England’s face. We cheered and cheered each other on afterwards that this was our soft power.

K. See the Government Committee? Songkran announced that it will be a soft power for Thailand and a super festival in the world. We will sprinkle water throughout the month.

Answer: Songkran is a tradition. First there was only one day. Then it was extended for two more days, so it was a day to go home and rejoin the family. As for the flowing day ie, it flows to Phra Prateng. Chonburi followed suit. It is a local tradition. In other provinces the government will arrange. Organized properly for entire month and country. In this sense, it is a bogus, fictitious article. The villagers didn’t like it. I also do not come out to sprinkle water.

Doing so is like plastic surgery. Create a new face to fool the world. It is enough to live in this world by keeping one face and decorating it to be clear and fresh. Has anyone had facial plastic surgery to such an extent that their face is unrecognizable? Please don’t get distracted by the culture of the people in this country and this city and get plastic surgery.

Question: Isn’t there something that can be decorated and mastered in Thailand and become world famous?

Answer: It is enough to shade the color for the world to see and enjoy. I think the cultural traditions surrounding our monarchy are very strong. Therefore, we should add a museum that compiles these images and information when foreigners come to visit the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. Including Phra Phuha Yatra Procession on Irrigation Path, Royal First Na Kwan Ceremony, etc.

The same goes for Thai food and Thai fruits. If you know how to create a system-wide strategy, let Thai restaurants around the world be your priority. It may go too far.

May I ask about Thai film and Thai fashion?

Answer: I am yet to see the overall potential of the group. As an example of this building a strong manufacturing group, we have a Thai textile group. But the design team, the fashion team, the brand name, the clothing production team, they must have the skills together to create the soft power of French style. Not possible with a face like this.

K. Finally, what should the government do about soft power?

Answer: Don’t bring it up. Do not undergo surgery to create an artificial face. Pick a goal that’s already feasible and cost-effective, and keep building on the original model, and you’ll see results. That understanding should give the program its traditional name. For example, the plan to make the Thai kitchen a global kitchen. Salome Bragiat Art and Culture Museum project, all without mentioning the word soft power.

Soft power is just a shadow, not a sign. Don’t be fooled by creating a shadow, people are not dogs, and don’t be fooled by barking hungrily at any meat in the water.


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