Kate Bush earns $2.3 million in revenue streams after Stranger Things 4

Kate Bush earned $2.3 million in broadcast revenue alone from “Running Up That Hill” after appearing in “Stranger Things.”

Running numbers for Kate Bush Running Up That Hill We’ve seen a huge rise since the release of the last season of Weird things, and CBS News reports that the legendary artist has made $2.3 million in royalties from the streams alone. The outlet cited data from Luminate, formerly Nielsen Soundscan.

“Although we’ve seen a significant increase in catalog music streams in recent years — with only 20% annual growth in 2021 — the Kate Bush story has taken this phenomenon to a new level,” said Rob Jonas, CEO of Luminate, in CBS MoneyWatch statement.

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“Running Up That Hill” was first released in 1985 on Bush’s album, dogs of loveand saw instant chart success.

As for the use it in Weird thingsThe song became a major plot point throughout Season 4. Bush shared several blog posts to comment on the song’s use and return in popularity.

On Friday, I reflected on the finale of Season 4 and the interest it has had in recent months.

“I’ve only seen scenes that involve direct use of the track so I didn’t know how the story would develop or take shape,” she wrote. “I was so glad the Duffer Brothers wanted to use RUTH for their totem Max but now that I watched the entire last series, I feel so proud that the song was chosen to become part of their roller coaster ride. Imagine the amount of hard work that went into making something this big. I In awe. They made something truly amazing.”

Check out “Running That Hill” below.


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