Kasikorn Credit Card – Shopee is organizing a big shopping event on 11.11 with cashback codes. And the discount code

Kasikorn Credit Card – Shopee is organizing a big shopping festival 11.11 with special promotions at the highest prices. Both a cashback code of up to 50% and a discount code of up to 3,200 baht.

Kasikorn-Shopee Bank Credit Card Celebrate the year-end e-shopping festival with the special activity “Shopee 11.11 Super Big Discounts” with great promotions and great value for this year’s 11.11 festival, including:
First Promotion: Cardholders who purchase products from the Shopee app priced at 300 baht or more, only on November 11, 2023, will receive a code to get a discount of up to 3,200 baht, details are as follows.
Shop for 300 baht, use code 11SPKBK50, get 50 baht discount (limited to 1000 codes)
Shop for 499 baht, use code 11SPKBK99 to get 99 baht discount (limited to 1010 codes)
Shop for 690 baht, use code 11SPKBK180, get 180 baht discount (limited to 1000 codes)
Shop for 1,699 baht, use code 11SPKBK, get 400 baht discount (limited to 1,263 codes)
Spend 4,800 baht, use code 11SPKBK1200, get 1,200 baht discount (limited to 100 codes)
Spend 15,000 baht, use code 11SPKBK3200 and get 3,200 baht discount (limited to 50 codes)
Second Promotion Cardholders who purchase products through the Shopee app for 1,000 baht are entitled to 50% cashback in Shopee coins worth up to 500 baht when using code 11KBKC500 and paying with Kasikorn Thai-Shopee credit card within the date 11 November 2023. The code is from 6:00 pm to 11:59 pm.
The code can be collected from November 6, 2023 at 12:00 AM – November 11, 2023 at 11:59 PM in the Shopee app by selecting the “Me” icon and entering “My Discount Code”. Then enter the code name. Click to receive the code. Conditions as specified by the bank.

In addition, Kasikorn Credit Card-Shopee has organized a “Great Promotion When You Shop with Kasikorn Credit Card-Shopee” to purchase products at the Shopee 11.11 shopping event, super big discounts from November 9 to 12, 2023 at Siam Square One Shopping Mall, Fashion District Floor. LG, special! Simply join the Pose and Post activity at the event and you will receive a 50% cashback code for Shopee coins worth up to 500 baht (limited to 200 codes). You will also meet leading product brands who have special discount promotions for you to choose from to your heart’s content with featured activities throughout the event.

Those interested in the “Kasikorn Bank-Shopee Credit Card” can easily apply on their own through K PLUS or through the Kasikorn Bank website. And all Kasikorn Bank branches nationwide For information, please call the K-Contact Center at 02-8888888 so as not to miss any interesting promotions. Kasikorn Bank-Shopee Credit Card Customers You can collect the code in the Shopee app by selecting the “Me” icon, going to “My Discount Code” and then entering the name of the code. And click to collect the different codes. More details about the terms can be read at https://shopee.co.th/m/kbank-shopee-rewards-promotion
*Please study the additional terms on the code terms of use page.

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