“Kashmir Files” fog “Radi Shyam” in the Indian belt

After a long wait, Bollywood recorded the second hit after Suryavanshi in 2021 and Jangpai Kathiawari in 2022.

‘Kashmir Files’ is now the most talked about movie in India as it performs better than the season’s most expensive movie ‘Radhe Shyam’ in the North Indian region.

The film is shown only based on oral publicity and netizens are actively expressing their feelings on social media.

Due to the calculated budget incurred in this project, this is expected to generate crazy profit corresponding to the investment.

Although the film only works in multiples but not in B and C positions, the filmmakers feel that this is enough to work miracles where their target audience resides.

The movie is expected to deliver more than “The Tashkent Files” in the same first weekend. All in all, the “Kashmir Coils” blurred the presence of Rad Shyam in the Indian multiplex belt.

Coming to USA Collections, “RadheShyam” [Telugu] On Saturday it totaled $332,671 [from 725 locations] The grand total is $1,635,245.

On the other hand, the Kashmir files [Hindi] On Saturday she reported a total of $168,983 [from 62 locations] And the grand total is $250,210.

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