Karen Bass succeeds Eric Garcetti as the first female mayor of Los Angeles

Karen Bass becomes the first woman to lead America’s second-largest city. The Democrat was elected mayor of Los Angeles on Wednesday, facing former Republican Rick Caruso, a real estate developer.

After three-quarters of the votes were counted, Karen Bass had a lead of about 46,500 votes, according to a tally released Wednesday that local media called “insurmountable.” The final results will be certified on December 5.

Originally from Los Angeles, Karen Bass has built a solid reputation in her hometown. Very involved in local community life, he was elected to the California State Legislature and later to the US House of Representatives. He succeeds Eric Garcetti, who has held the position since 2013.

In this case: Why Homeless People Choose Drugs Over Medicines

At 69, Karen Bass finds herself the head of a city facing a large homeless population, where tens of thousands of people, often suffering from mental health problems or drug addictions, sleep in tents or motorhomes. The problem is exacerbated by some of the nation’s most expensive housing in the state and city, where the cost of living is high and taxes are higher than the national average.

Karen Bass won’t be the city’s first black mayor. Elected in 1973, Tom Bradley served for two decades.

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