Karatay Banepa signs a contract with a new company after parting ways with Guru Paipun, the owner of the previous label.

after Vaniba rabbit Announcement of separation from Master Paipun Saengdwin At this time, it seemed like Bunny Girl asked to move on and move on with her life, and recently, fans lit off fireworks to celebrate when Bunny decided to sign a contract as an artist with a new label. Officially under Phu Thai Records. Having previously been affiliated with the Gawadgad Studio label of the teacher, Paipun's ex-husband

The rabbit posted a photo and wrote a comment:

Karatay Phanipa's new album, produced by Ajarn Jenny Phothai, 10 songs, keep going.
#PleasefollowElla for sure.”

As for the new label, Karatay posted a photo and wrote a message welcoming the new members to the label: “There is a belief. What I have always tried to prove is the musical style that goes with the singer's voice. A handwritten song that goes with the singer

For example, Thai Orathai, a pair of Sala teachers, music of Ajarn Bui Thiravong Sakayo, Ajarn Tui Piawut Na Bang Chang, who created a song when the word legend happened. As for me, it's the same thing. Yes, I can make everyone famous. No matter how well you compose music, how well do you sing? But the approaches are not identical and always contradict nature (listen and resist, listen and resist).

If there is harmony between the handwriting of the song and the artist's musical and lyrical writing the word success is within reach. Many songs prove that rabbits are required to sign? what kind? Take this opportunity to welcome you to Ban Phu Thai. A house that just gives

From now on, Guru asks Karatai Phanipa to follow a good path. Determined to earn a living, take care of a family, and believe in goodness. If you make a mistake, consider it a lesson you learn for yourself. Always remember

After this, I wish you progress and stability from teacher Jenny Futai, who has not changed since I met you. I wish everyone who loves me please love and be nice to my little bunny.

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