Kaley Cuoco ‘cried all night’ after losing her role to Kate Hudson

Kaley Cuoco’s ego took a huge hit when she lost a role in the sequel to Rian Johnson’s star-studded song “Knives Out” to fellow blonde beauty, Kate Hudson.

“I was convinced [the part was mine]… I was very convinced that my bags were packed in the direction of Greece,” Coco magic said included in her April 2022 cover story. “And then I didn’t understand. I was so broken. And I’m not [normally] ruined the roles.”

The former “Big Bang Theory” star, 36, says she got so far through the audition process — participating in chemistry readings and Zoom meetings — before finding out Hudson, 42, had landed the role.

“I cried and cried all night,” she admitted after learning she hadn’t booked the party.

She has since come to terms with the result, though she initially thought, “I’ve been hot: I’m going to be with Daniel Craig.”

2019 hit movie crew, "Take out the knives."
The cast of the 2019 hit movie, “Knives Out”.
Claire Folger

The next day, Cuoco got a call about the upcoming rom-com “Meet Cute”, co-starring Pete Davidson. While she was initially reluctant to take on the project, Davidson’s engagement convinced the TV star to give it a try.

“I said, ‘This is the most charming little script,’” Coco recalls. “And I would never have had it if I had. [got] ‘Knives.’

Kylie Coco
Kaley Cuoco has joined the cast of the upcoming rom-com “Meet Cute” thanks to Pete Davidson’s post.
Getty Images

She continued, “It’s what it was meant to be, and ‘Knives’ would be great and Kate would be great. You were meant to do that and I was meant to do it. And maybe I’ll take the third audition.”

In the same cover story, Coco opens up about her Separation from estranged husband, Karl Cook, Disclosure that she has No intention to marry again Once their divorce is final.

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“I will never marry again… I would like to have a long-term relationship or partnership. But I will never marry again,” she repeated. “Of course not. You can literally put that on the cover.”

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