Justice: “Miss France” wins justice against feminists


justice“Miss France” won in court against feminist activists

Activists of “Dare Feminism” believed that the pageant’s organizers had imposed discriminatory rules on candidates, such as a minimum height of 1.70 m.

The Feminist Association also contested the nature of the legal relationship between organizers and candidates.


The French Court of Justice rejected the association on Friday, arguing it was “Osez le féminisme”. “Miss France” contestHe denounces “sexism” and “discrimination”, which violates labor laws.

“Recruitment Process”

The enthusiasts of “Osez le féminisme” had Started in October 2021 The practice argued before the Labor Justice that pageant organizers imposed discriminatory clauses – such as being at least 1.70m tall or “representative of beauty” – on young candidates. The Conseil des prud’hommes of Bobigny in the Paris region recognized “the existence of a work and recruitment process” in selecting candidates for the beauty pageant, noting in a communication “dare feminism”.

“The Intolerable End”

However, Pruitt Homes rejected other demands by feminist activists, which the association lamented as “an intolerable decision that perpetuates a discriminatory and illegal recruitment process”.

The association also denied the nature of the legal relationship between the organizers and the candidates: since last year, they have signed employment contracts as “models” with the show’s production. Activists believe that the agreement should start from the regional elections, not three days before the elections.

Willingness to “audit”.

During the hearing last November, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, president of the Miss France Society, argued that the question did not fall within her competence because she was only responsible for the national election. She denied to journalists that the Miss France election could be described as “sexist” and condemned the desire to “censor” feminist activists.


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