“Jom” mocks the gradual return of “Thaksin's cronies” but the youth militants are gradually going to jail. Who does he serve?

While “Thaksin's cronies” are gradually returning to the country, “Jom” joked that “Jagrapop” should go back and serve the Thai people or serve someone. But young militants were gradually arrested and jailed.

Former Minister of the Prime Minister's Office in the Samak Sundaravage Government Mr. Jagrapop Benke, after returning to Thailand on March 28. 15 years ago absconding to live abroad and arrested by crime branch police together to answer the charge of arms and explosives registrar cannot issue license illegal possession and a secret society to fight the case Mr. Jagrapop has been granted bail in the sum of 400,000 baht.

Most recently, on March 29, former ITV and Voice TV reporter and presenter Mr. Som Fedpratap was accused of fleeing the security case and going abroad. Jom Petchpratap posted a message on Facebook saying that while “Thaksin's allies” are gradually returning to Thailand, “youth militants” are being gradually jailed by the courts. Oh..you said you come back and serve Thai people.Be sure. Who will you serve..first?”

Earlier, on March 27, upon hearing the news that Mr. Jagrapop would be returning to Thailand. Mr Som posted a message saying “Congratulations on returning home, Mr Jagrapop. Penkhae.. and I sincerely hope this time comes again at least let's unite to pressurize all the political suspects in jail. Released on bail or released to fight the case as per rights If you don't, you will be another bankrupt in trust and confidence. including being labeled dishonest.. an extra person.

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