Johnson succession: Liz Truss promises ‘immediate’ action to tackle crisis


Johnson’s EstateLiz Truss promises to act “immediately” in the face of the crisis

Britain’s top favorite to take over as prime minister said on Sunday he would act quickly against the crisis.

Liz Truss is favorite to take the job from Boris Johnson.


A favorite after Boris Johnson in Downing Street, Liz dress, pledged on Sunday to act “immediately” in the face of the cost-of-living crisis in the United Kingdom, although it declined to detail its plan ahead of the announcement of the results. “I will act if elected as Prime Minister. I will immediately take action on bills and energy supply because I think it goes hand in hand,” he said. Liz dress on the BBC.

The 47-year-old diplomatic chief is set to become the United Kingdom’s new prime minister on Monday, avoiding a dramatic turnaround after Boris Johnson was forced to resign in early July after months of scandals. But if elected, Liz Truss will put her bags in Downing Street in an explosive economic and social environment, with inflation topping 10% and skyrocketing energy bills threatening families as well as schools, hospitals and businesses.

He promises tax cuts

While he promised on Sunday that he would take action “from week one” to free British families, he declined to explain the concrete nature of the steps he wanted to take. “It will take a week to finalize the exact plans and ensure we can announce them. That’s why I can’t go into details at this stage,” she explained. He also insisted that a tax reform plan would be presented “within a month” to deal with the crisis.

After three months of right-wing campaigning, around 200,000 members of the Conservative Party voted to appoint Boris Johnson’s successor this summer. Economic policy is naturally at the center of right-wing debates: Liz Truss has been dazzled by massive tax cuts, while her rival, Rishi Sunak, a wealthy ex-banker, has lost points by advocating economic realism. . The announcement of the new prime minister is scheduled for Monday at 12:30 pm (1:30 pm).


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