Joe Nattawut is ready to open his Muay Thai textbook to test his new opponent Luke Lissey at ONE Fight Night 17.

Joe Nattawut, a veteran boxer beloved by the Thais, was forced to change their opponent to Luke Lisi, a newcomer from the United States, after Niklas Larsen, his original opponent from Denmark, withdrew. They will fight according to the rules of Muay Thai. Featherweight (145-155 lbs) on ONE Fight Night 17, broadcast live from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramindra) during prime time in America. Which falls at 8:00 AM on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

As for Joe Nattawut, a 34-year-old professional from Nakhon Ratchasima who has made a famous name in the United States for many years is considered one of the best featherweight fighters. He has extensive experience in the rules of Muay Thai and kickboxing, guaranteed skills with the title of Lion Fight World Champion in two divisions.

For his last fight, Joe volunteers to be an anti-military boxer to take on Tawanchai PK. Saenchai, the king of ONE Muay Thai who has changed the textbook to fight according to the rules of kickboxing. Although the team lost unanimously, in that battle, Joe received overwhelming praise. With a combat form that opens up a hot exchange game that is not at all afraid of the dignity of a Muay Thai king. Sending him down to No. 4 in the Thai featherweight contender rankings at present.

The new competitor is Luke Lacey, a 27-year-old American boxer, nicknamed “Chef,” and considered a fighter with an exceptional history. Luke’s father is a Thai boxer. He is also an expert in various martial arts. He passed on his karate skills to his son when he was 4-5 years old, after which Luke began to learn about Muay Thai. He learned to kick and punch bags before expanding his abilities to the amateur circuit. Skillfully gathering experiences

Thanks to Luke’s fighting experience, having decided to turn professional in 2021, he took on Fastrax to become the highest-ranked player in the American division. By proving that he doesn’t know how to spell defeat. He closed each competitor’s match without completing the round, in addition to holding a black belt certificate in karate.

However, Joe Nattawut is considered the most dangerous opponent Luke has ever faced and will be a test of his best Muay Thai skills if Luke manages to pass this stage. The opportunity to become a competitor for a world-class martial arts organization is not far away.

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